Thursday, August 3, 2017

Glisten & Glow Ridge Relief - New Product!!

Hello there! I have an exciting new basecoat product to show you from Glisten & Glow. You probably already know HK Girl topcoat since it is clearly the world's best, glossiest, and quickest drying topcoat EVER.

Recently, Jill has introduced Ridge Relief, designed to smooth over the ridges in your nails before you apply polish.

I LOVE ridge-filling basecoats, personally. But, I also love a face primer, designed to smooth and perfect the skin before makeup application. Think of Ridge Relief as a primer for your nails - smooth and perfect the surface before applying your polish!


I begin every many with a nail hardening basecoat, so I did the same here. In the photo below, I added one coat of Ridge Relief to my pink and middle nails. You can clearly see how it improves the color and texture of the nail. It just LOOKS smoother, and certainly feels it, too.


Close up - Ridge Relief is on my middle and pinky nails.


Here are all 4 nails with Ridge Relief. Smooooth!


I used China Glaze Don't Mesa With My Heart here over Ridge Relief. Check out how flawless my mani looks!


Close up!


Here is Zoya Pippa over Ridge Relief. With bright colors like this, ridges would show horribly!! Look how delightful and perfect this mani looks!


There you have it! I am a huge fan of Ridge Relief - and, of course, my HK Girl topcoat. If you have nails with ridges, this is going to be your Go-To basecoat!

You can purchase the topcoat and Ridge Relief at!


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