Thursday, August 10, 2017

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review

This is a longer than usual review, but if you're looking for an inexpensive brow tint, as well as loads of funny faces and gross eyebrow hangy pieces, this should be a decent read!

I hate my quasimoda eyebrows. I am a 80's baby, which means I was a teen in the 90's era of overplucking the absolute life out of your brows. That trend, combined with an eyebrow ring scar on my left brow (again, I blame the 90's) and a childhood scar on my right brow that causes an exaggerated arch, I am constantly on the hunt for helpful, yet inexpensive, brow products.

As you may also know, I am way into the world of KBeauty skincare and loving it. My skin hasn't looked better in pretty much EVER. When I saw the ETude House Tint My Brows Gel for under $5 shipped, I decided to give it a try.


Here is the package. I didn't take pics of the instructions, but the English instructions were there, well written, extensive, and super helpful. Good start!


This is the stuff! It's goopy, it's gluey, it's honestly kind of scary looking!


I swatched it on paper to check the color and then I got nervous. Looks reddish, right!?


Here it is, in sum! Let me tell you more about each step and the experience itself.


This is legit the worst pic I have ever posted on the internet. You're welcome, world. ZERO makeup, wonky eyebrow in full effect. No, really, you're welcome.



It is surprisingly easy to use:

Make sure your face is washed.

Trim your eyebrows to avoid excess hair pulling up upon removal (it's going to happen anyway, and a LOT).

I used a clean mascara wand to groom my sparse hairs in the same direction. Use the brush, with product applied liberally, to create the desired shape.  Apply MORE product than you think you need.



The directions suggest leaving it on for two hours, OR, for more coloration, leave on overnight! I left mine on for three hours. You look goofy AF - a combo of Frida Kahlo and Groucho Marx, and it feels tight, like drying glue.

At about the two hour mark, as I moved my forehead and eyebrows, I could feel the drying and tightening begin. I left it on for an additional hour and then began to peel.

More Removal:


Directions suggest starting with the head of the brow, but I used my nail to gently pick and push down. Who knows it that caused the hairs to rip out, but they def. did.



Not bad! This is really not my color, although it was the darkest one, and my hair is not even that dark. I probably would leave it on overnight if I wasn't a)afraid to do it again, and b)afraid to lose all of my eyebrows, considering how few I have anyway.



Here's the scary part! Horror!


Oh, boy. See all those little hairs? Sorry if you think it's gross - cuz it is - but a review needs to be thorough, right!?


Well, as interesting as this was, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. As the directions stated, I didn't use any makeup or skincare products on my brows for 24 hours after.

However! About hour 25, I went to the gym. And I sweat - that's the point, amirite?

I used my regular old cloth to wipe my face as I hustled on the treadmill. Totally forgot about the brows. When I was finished with my workout, I stopped in the locker room and took a look.

Eyebrows GONE.

Gone. 110% gone, as if I hadn't done a thing to them. WAIT! I mean, my REAL brows were (still barely) there, LMAO, but the Etude House Gel was completely gone. Moot. Futile.

That was not the conclusion I was expecting to this experiment! I was hoping to use this over my upcoming vacation and therefore not have to schlep along multiple brow products, but that is not going to be the case.

I can't recommend this to you. I just can't. Have you tried it? What do you think? Would you try it after my review, or did I ruin it for you?


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