Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mask of the Week: Freeman FeelingBeautiful Peel-Off Clay Mask Clearing

I am such a sucker for the WalMart displays with the 7th Heaven and Freeman masks. My WalMart doesn't have these, so when I see these inexpensive little beauties at other stores, I tend to buy in bulk. My bad!

Recently, I spied something new to my little eyes: PEEL-OFF Clay Masks! Neat! Sometimes I gravitate to my sheet masks instead of other types because I am a lazy youknowwhat and sheet masks are just quicker and neater. No washing off at the end, it makes all the difference, amirite!? Anyway, peel-off clay sounded pretty intriguing, so this Sweet Tea and Lemon Clearing version came home with me.


Normal directions in the back. With any peel off mask, skip the areas where you have hair so you don't rip them off. Speaking of which, if you haven't googled some of the fail videos of peel-off masks, it is well worth the belly laugh to do so. You're welcome.


I washed my face, added a spray of Vitamin C from the Body Shop (found at TJ Maxx, new favorite thing) and then applied the mask. It is pretty much skin color for me, so I had to be careful when applying.


And, in conclusion, I need some practice with peel-off masks.


The area around my mouth must've been applied lighter, and I don't shut up, so that area dried quickest and was easiest to peel away. See, it's like an anti-goatee, LOL. As for the rest of my face, the peeling didn't go well at all. I was stuck with bits around my jawline, on the inside of my nose, and on my hairline, even though I was careful not to apply it there. I had to rinse a majority of the mask off, and it was nasty and glue-like when rinsing. I ended up using a washcloth to scrub (UGGGGGH) the rest off, which made my skin super red and inflamed. I immediately covered my face in moisturizer and hoped for the best.

In conclusion, if you have a heavy hand when applying products, like I do, this may not be the best choice. I would not use this again, given how much elbow grease it took to remove the remnants. Have you tried this peel-off? Would you, could you?


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  1. I am sorry you had such a tough time with this, but it was an entertaining post!! This is why I tend to shun peel off masks, or use them super sparingly only on tzone/cheeks (depending on the type)...I am just a huge baby about removing them from the other areas..


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