Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mask of the Week: Avatara Even Out Face Mask

Unfortunately for my beauty product loving self, there is no Target near me. This means, again, unfortunately, that when I am in a Target, I tend to get a little OOC. Can you blame me?

My most recent impulse buy was this Avatara Even Out Face Mask, meant to minimize your pores. I will try anything, within reason and budget, to attack my moon craters of pores, so this little buddy had no problem leaping into my cart.

Unlike most masks I use, this one is easy to purchase in the US! Here is the link, although I didn't purchase the Get Out Set, but only the single mask, so my review - and recommendation - is only on this product. To purchase (just an FYI, no affiliate links): HERE.

I can't find this one listed singularly on the site, but the 3 mask set is $9, so I must've paid around $3 for this - at least, I hope I did!



See that happy face!?


Loved this mask!!

First, it is made of a 'tencel fiber' which meant it was stretchy, comfy, and actually fit my lopsided odd shaped head. It was very saturated with essence, even to the point of dripping out of the packet, but smoothed onto my arms, legs, hands, and feet nicely. The scent is lovely - clean, fresh, not floral or heavily fragranced. The mask stayed saturated for the 20 minutes I used it, and stayed clingy to my skin despite my movement around the house.

When I removed it, my skin was soft, not tacky, and absorbed my follow up products very well.

I was definitely impressed with this mask and will make sure to snag another during my next Target trip. Have you tried this brand? What do you think?


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  1. Am using one now. Ahhh feels soooo good and refreshing. Going to pick more up for sure.


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