Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mani Round Up: July 18, 2017

Even though I am well back from vacation, I haven't gotten back into regularly doing my nails and posting. I am still thinking about the future of the blog, so a lot of things are TBD.

Anyway, let me show you what I managed to get on my nails since I posted last week.


Literary Lacquers Flopsy: Loveeeee! Flopsy (I think) was a LE, so I am super happy to have this one. Two perfect coats and topcoat is what you see here.


China Glaze My Lodge or Yours? Ooops! Square photos happen when you post to IG (follow me HERE), then delete your pics without uploading the originals first. This is three thin coats and topcoat. I like how this color dances a fine line between purple, grey, and khaki.


Color Club Hot Hot Hot Pants: When I posted this on IG, one of my (super lovely) followers commented and said this doesn't look like the pastel streaky nightmare that I claimed it to be. Thank you, sweet commenter, but I still hold to what I said! The first coat was streak city, the second was semi-acceptable, and a thick layer of topcoat make it look decent. Meh.


Illamasqua Collide: Do you ever make your nails super cheerful and bright just to hopefully inspire a matching mood? Guilty! Collide is one of my most neon (neonist?) colors. It's brighter IRL than it looks here. Two coats and topcoat, viola!

That's all I got! More next week - same time, same place.


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