Thursday, July 27, 2017

Company V Glow Balm to Oil Foam Review

Hello! Today I have a review of another product I received, for shipping at $3.99, from This is an awesome product that has officially moved into my (semi) permanent line up! Let me show and tell you more.


This is a huge product - 2.7oz. You only need a tiny bit to cleanse, so this will last months and months!


According to the box, and the only English on there, "this glow balm cleanser effectively cleanses away impurities and heavy makeup from skin with the three step trans balm that changes as a balm-oil-foam."


It's balmy! LOL. Seriously, it's got a sticky balmy gluey consistency. See the little strings attached to my finger? Sticky!


You need just the tiniest dab.

First, when you dip your finger into the pot, it comes out as a balm:


As you rub it into your face, it turns into an oil:


Then, as you mix in a touch of water and massage it on your skin, it becomes very faintly foamy:


It rinses cleanly off the skin, no residue or oil. It does remove makeup, even mascara, and doesn't irritate the eyes as you rub it over your lashes. It has a clean smell, nothing strong, nothing floral or heavily perfumey smelling. I am not sure what is in it, LOL, as the ingredients are Korean, but it works for me!

Thank you, 08liter!


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