Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mask of the Week: Shinetree Caviar Essence Mask Pack

Hello there!

Today I have a review of a Shinetree brand mask made with...caviar?! This is definitely the first time I have seen "caviar essence" as a product. Have you seen that before?!


There isn't much info (in English) on the back of the package, so I found the write-up sent in My FaceTory monthly package to learn more about the benefits.


The back, just an FYI:


Typical instructions:


And my goofy face!


See my shirt? Shout-out to my buddy number 07!

Ok, so, the mask. I have no idea what caviar smells like, but it is fish eggs, so I can safely say that this doesn't smell fishy or anything like I would assume caviar would smell like. Phew! The mask was positively dripping with essence, so much so that I had a few rounds of excess for my arms, legs, neck, and shoulders.

The mask was a thicker cotton or fabric sheet, so it adhered quite well to my face. I read a few reviews that say to apply your mask on your nose area and then sort of form it and smooth it out that way, which has worked well for me. I also read to do the same with your foundation!

As far as instant results, I didn't see anything world changing. It dried pretty quickly, so I only made it to about the 15 minute mark. It smells fresh, fit well, and made my skin soft after. Did I like this? Yes! Would I use it again? Sure. Am I going to buy it again rightmeow because I can't live without it? Nope.

Have you tried this brand?


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  1. Never heard of the brand...I have a few sheet masks but have never gotten around to trying many wash off masks! :)


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