Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mask of the Week: Innisfree Green Tea It's Real Squeeze Mask, Purito Vitamin C Serum, Iope Super Vital Cream

Well, I finally went ahead and ordered my Purito Vitamin C Serum in a full size bottle. I have been seeing Vitamin C As a spotlighted ingredient everywhere lately!  Is it going to be the "it" ingredient of 2017?? If so, consider me trendy!


I received this Innisfree Green Tea It's Real Squeeze Mask in a sample order from  I love green tea, especially the soothing smell, so I was excited to try this mask.

As usual, I began with patting on a few drops of Purito Vitamin C Serum to my clean face.


The only info about the mask, that I could read, mentions that it will deeply moisturize the skin. Good enough for me to try it, LOL.


The mask itself was super thin, which means although it was a pain to peel open, it fit the skin so nicely, with pretty much zero gaping. It was also tough to open because it was dripping in essence. Dare I say there was almost too much!? I literally squeezed some out of the foil package after I removed the mask. Is that the "squeeze" part of the name? Also, there was literally no smell. Nothing. I was hoping for a clean, soft, fresh, tea scent, but nothing came to me at all. That could definitely be a bonus for scent sensitive folks!

In conclusion, I will be on the lookout for Innisfree masks in the future. I enjoy the texture of the mask and how it fits my face. My skin felt quite refreshed, not tacky, and just soft when I removed it. I tapped in the essence, added a few drops of Vit C Serum and finished with the Iope Super Vital Cream. My skin stayed soft all night and into the next morning. Win!


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