Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mani Round Up: June 6, 2017

June!! My goodness, where does the time go?!

Orly Prelude to a Kiss: You've seen this polish on this blog about 5,295 times. I love this polish. If I had to pick ONE polish to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Nuff said!


Zoya Winnie: The new Zoya cremes just keep coming. They are all so gorgeous, vibrant, and the formula!? Wow. This is ONE coat of a pink creme polish. Does it get any better than this? No, no it does not.


Barielle Greenwich Village: Oldie but goodie! Who even knows how long I have had this polish! It is hard to see, but this is a super pale pink with green shimmer. You can see the shimmer better in the bottle, but still, this is super refined and pretty.


Nars Trouville: I love this polish for more than the color and the formula. It was gifted to me by one of my favorite co-workers of all time, and someone I am still honored to call a friend. Thank you, Cheryl, I think of you every time I wear this!


Zoya Amira: Woops! Broke the pink streak with this gorgeous color, Amira. I actually was folding laundry and one of our towels is this exact color, minus the shimmer. Inspiration comes from the weirdest places! This is two coats - which were lumpier, thicker, and harder to spread than I remember, but pretty.


That's it for this week! What was your favorite?


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