Friday, June 23, 2017

Sephora PLAY! June 2017 - My Last Box!

Hello! Today I have a review of my last Sephora PLAY! box. I love getting the box, but I stopped for a few reasons. First, I am broke, LOL. Second, I find myself buying makeup anyway - and my hope/thought/stupid idea was that this would sub in for buying makeup. Third, and finally, I usually enjoy the products but these aren't necessarily things I buy, need, or even use. In sum, it was time to downsize. I also cancelled my MyFacetory sub, too, FYI.

Here is what I received in June:


And let's see each item:


IGK Coconut Oil Gel: As a newly banged individual, I am quite happy to get a travel size gel! This will be quite handy in AZ next week.

OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil: Swatched below on my hand, this lightweight oil can be used anywhere. It has a more floral than straight rose scent, and absorbed very easily.



Benefit The PoreFessional Primer: Everyone has tried this by now, right? I wish the sample was a little bigger - this actually made it for 2 uses for me - but I think everyone has tried it so maybe the sample shrank since everyone loves it? I love how velvety this is and that it is tinted. If you haven't tried it, time to do so!

First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothing Priming Moisturizer: Womp, womp. Receiving this is what convinced me to cancel my 'script - I already own the full size. And I hate it.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub: I am torn on this one! This formula is so far from 'everlasting' that it is almost comical. The color, which I have heard quite a few people disliking, is super bright, so when the center of your lip rubs off while eating or drinking, it is quite noticeable. On the otherhand, my roomie from college has the initials KW, so it reminds me of her and therefore, I like it! Swatched below:


And that's it! Do you get the PLAY! box? Love it, hate it?

Let me know in the comments.


On Vacation!

Just a quick note to let you know I will be gone from today, Friday, June 23rd, through Thursday, July 6, 2017. Enjoy the next couple weeks and talk to you soon!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

FaceTory! June 2017 Review

Every month I love my FaceTory sub more!

I am accumulating an awesome arsenal of masks to help any and all skin issues. Let me show you what I was sent this month.


Group shot:


As usual, everything came in a flat envelope with the FaceTory logo.

This month's theme is Say Yes To New Adventures, which is perfect as I am headed on vacation this month.


The masks and info:





I am most looking forward to the Dr. Young Bamboo mask, but as usual, they all look helpful!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mani Round Up: June 20, 2017

This is my last mani round up until July 11th! I am headed on a couple trips out of town, so I won't be posting as usual. More details coming soon!

On Sunday night, I decided to take some time with my nails. I knew I was going to be busy Monday and Tuesday, so I wanted to do something fun, pretty, and worthwhile!


Wet & Wild A Blank Canvas: I started with two coats of A Blank Canvas. I switch between this and Salon Perfect Sugar Cube as my favorite mainstream white creme polishes. This is two coats and topcoat.


La Vite e Bella 1986 Vintage Water Nail Decals over Wet&Wild A Blank Canvas: I love toile anything!!!!! These decals are amazing quality and actually easy to use. Cut the design to fit the nail, dip in water until backing slides off, apply to nail and dab dry with a papertowel. Apply NON quick dry top coat so you don't smear the design, then apply your regular topcoat after that. Viola!


China Glaze Petal to the Metal: I forget when this polish arrived, but I am sorry I haven't used it more often. I wanted something neon without being neon. Totally makes sense in the polish world, right? This is two coats with topcoat. This is the exact color I wanted at the time, love when that happens.


Orly Prelude to a Kiss: Pretty sure this was on the blog last week...and probably next week, too. Legit LOVE for this polish. Two coats, topcoat, perfect. I honestly think this is the most flattering shade for my skintone. It's peachy and healthy and vibrant and work appropo - love.this.polish.


Orly Glowstick over Orly Prelude to a Kiss: Here I am again, wanting my nails to look different without doing anything - or much - to them. What to do? Slap on a neon that needs a base anyway! This is two coats of Glowstick over Prelude. I think the beige-peach in Prelude brings the POP in Glowstick down a notch, but I don't mind!


Zoya Byrdie: One coat, done. Zoya is the OG of one coat cremes. Byrdie is from the 2017 Summer Wanderlust collection, but it is such a berry wearable (haha) shade that I will grab for this year round.

It turned out to be a good week, with a mix of brights, neutrals, and nail art! Go me!

What was your favorite look from this week?


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mask of the Week: Shinetree Caviar Essence Mask Pack

Hello there!

Today I have a review of a Shinetree brand mask made with...caviar?! This is definitely the first time I have seen "caviar essence" as a product. Have you seen that before?!


There isn't much info (in English) on the back of the package, so I found the write-up sent in My FaceTory monthly package to learn more about the benefits.


The back, just an FYI:


Typical instructions:


And my goofy face!


See my shirt? Shout-out to my buddy number 07!

Ok, so, the mask. I have no idea what caviar smells like, but it is fish eggs, so I can safely say that this doesn't smell fishy or anything like I would assume caviar would smell like. Phew! The mask was positively dripping with essence, so much so that I had a few rounds of excess for my arms, legs, neck, and shoulders.

The mask was a thicker cotton or fabric sheet, so it adhered quite well to my face. I read a few reviews that say to apply your mask on your nose area and then sort of form it and smooth it out that way, which has worked well for me. I also read to do the same with your foundation!

As far as instant results, I didn't see anything world changing. It dried pretty quickly, so I only made it to about the 15 minute mark. It smells fresh, fit well, and made my skin soft after. Did I like this? Yes! Would I use it again? Sure. Am I going to buy it again rightmeow because I can't live without it? Nope.

Have you tried this brand?


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017

In the summer, don't we all have wanderlust?! I am going on vacation SO soon I can't believe it! I hope you all have some kind of travel plans this summer, even if it is somewhere in your own hometown new to you.

If you're in the mood for vibrant, gorgeous polishes for the summer, let me tell you, this collection has you covered. It is a 12 piece collection with 4 "shimmering" polishes and 8 cremes.

Let me start with my absolute favorite of the 12!

Cora: Zoya called this a muted orange cream. Muted, my foot! This is such a vibrant, eye-catching color. Opaque in 2 perfect coats.


Esty: Yes, I have way too many pink Zoya. Do I love them all? Yes, yes I do. This beauty is a ONE coater.


Sonja: Zoya called this a "summery crimson" - I like that description. Perfect in two coats.


Sawyer: The perfect peaches and cream color for a tan! This is perfect in just two coats.


Arbor: I thought China Glaze's Metro Pollen-tin was my favorite ugly/pretty color, but Arbor has claimed that spot. I love this color!! What do you think? Two perfect coats are all you need.

PS: If you think this is the ugliest color I could show you...keep scrollin, sunshine.


Winnie: Yes, Winnie, Esty, and Byrdie (below) are very similar. Not the same, but similar. Winnie is a lovely Barbie pink (my description, not Zoya's) that is perfect in one coat.


Byrdie: My other favorite! I love this shade! It's neon but not. Excuse my unpolished thumb, too. That's how bloggers roll! This is ONE coat. P-e-r-f-e-c-t!


Lois: The last creme is a standard purple. Pretty, flawless formula. You might already have something similar. If not, the formula makes it totally worth it.


Now the "shimmering" polishes!

Journey: Shimmery means metallic to me...which means I don't really care for any of them, LOL. This is opaque in two coats. Go slow with your coats or you'll see some visible brush strokes.


Mandy: I swear Zoya did a super similar polish to this...can anyone think of it? Same thing as Journey - go slow!


River: This is a pretty mermaid blue shimmering polish. The shade really meshes well with the shimmering effect. This is also my boyfriend's last name, so I guess I like this one. :)


Scout: U-g-l-y, you ain't got no alibi, you're ugly, ya ya, you're ugly. See!? Is this the ugliest one or what?! This is a sheer polish that needs three coats for opacity. Do you like it? I kinda do!


There you have it!

My favorites are Arbor, Byrdie, and Cora. They all have great formulas, too, so you can't go wrong picking any of these beauties. Do you plan to snag any of them?


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mani Round Up: June 13, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

It was a busy week last week so I have pretty meager offerings for you to round up!


China Glaze Wanderlust: Oh, my goodness. Do I love this color! It is hard to see, but this otherwise basic pale pink has an orangey shimmer throughout. You can see the shift in the bottle near the "glaze" word in the label. SO pretty! This is two coats and HK Girl topcoat.

PS: What do you think of the new nail shape? I love my squares but the second one corner breaks, the whole thing looks haggard, so they had to go!


China Glaze Wanderlust with floral waterslide decals: Do you ever want your nails to look different without doing anything to them? LOL. Laziness at it's finest. I saw my boyfriend a few times last week, more than usual, so I didn't have time for brand new manis. I added these rando waterslide decals for a quick change.


Color Club Birthday Suit: Sigh! Super fail this week. I had to squeeze in a mani before work last week, so I grabbed a consistently flawless neutral polish. As you can see, I forgot to take pics until I was doing my drive by beach detour before work (daily necessity) and realized I needed a shot. I figured anything with a beach in it was forgivable. This is Westbrook Beach in Westbrook, CT, and the mani has two coats with HK Girl topcoat.


Zoya Chantal: Ooh, do I love this color. No matter the season or occasion, Chantal is the perfect neutral! This and Taylor, which I like a smidge more since it is slightly pinkier where Chantal is a little yellower, are two polishes in constant rotation. Two perfect coats and topcoat.

Sad week! LOL. I will try to make up for it next week!


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mask of the Week: Innisfree Green Tea It's Real Squeeze Mask, Purito Vitamin C Serum, Iope Super Vital Cream

Well, I finally went ahead and ordered my Purito Vitamin C Serum in a full size bottle. I have been seeing Vitamin C As a spotlighted ingredient everywhere lately!  Is it going to be the "it" ingredient of 2017?? If so, consider me trendy!


I received this Innisfree Green Tea It's Real Squeeze Mask in a sample order from  I love green tea, especially the soothing smell, so I was excited to try this mask.

As usual, I began with patting on a few drops of Purito Vitamin C Serum to my clean face.


The only info about the mask, that I could read, mentions that it will deeply moisturize the skin. Good enough for me to try it, LOL.


The mask itself was super thin, which means although it was a pain to peel open, it fit the skin so nicely, with pretty much zero gaping. It was also tough to open because it was dripping in essence. Dare I say there was almost too much!? I literally squeezed some out of the foil package after I removed the mask. Is that the "squeeze" part of the name? Also, there was literally no smell. Nothing. I was hoping for a clean, soft, fresh, tea scent, but nothing came to me at all. That could definitely be a bonus for scent sensitive folks!

In conclusion, I will be on the lookout for Innisfree masks in the future. I enjoy the texture of the mask and how it fits my face. My skin felt quite refreshed, not tacky, and just soft when I removed it. I tapped in the essence, added a few drops of Vit C Serum and finished with the Iope Super Vital Cream. My skin stayed soft all night and into the next morning. Win!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

May 2017: Empties Report! (106 Empties in 2017!)

June! Apparently May was LUSH month at my house. I used up so many LUSH items that I can go trade in my empties for a free Fresh Face Mask. Yay!!

Let me show you when I used up in May and what I plan to repurchase - or not!

Group Shot:

Skincare Samples:

Like last month, I won't go through email packet, but just mention a few highlights. Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme in Beach Blanket by Posh smells amazing and it so moisturizing. Glamglow Glow Starter in Nude will definitely be a repurchase. I disliked the Purity Makeup Wipe but most Purity items don't work for me anyway. The innisfree Super Volcanic Pure Clay Mask is wonderful, non-tightening, and shows immediate results.

PS: If you're interested in Posh, ask for my friend Jayme's info!

Face Products:

Formula 10.0.6 Wipe Your Face Off (x2): You've seen this product enough on the blog! I am going to skip a review - again.
Would I repurchase? Yes!!

Dermactin-TS Nose Strips: Got to have these around! I buy off brand nose strips because I feel as if they all do pretty much the same job. These were a TJ Maxx find, I believe.
Would I repurchase? Sure, but I wouldn't hunt for that brand in particular.

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Cranberry: This is actually a "festive" fresh mask as it is a seasonal product. It is supposed to help brighten the skin. It is gritty, like all Fresh masks, smells amazing, and dries down in about 10-15 mins. Wash off and see beautiful bright skin!
Would I repurchase? Yes! I look for this mask each season.

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Catastrophe Cosmetic: Blueberries, chamomile, irish moss, and calamine help to nourish the skin back to health. This mask looks so gross - gray and lumpy - but smells like fruits and tea. Similar to the cranberry mask, it dries fairly quickly and rinses off to reveal super supple skin.
Would I repurchase? Yes! Love this one!

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask BB Seaweed: Seaweed, honey, and rose absolute make this another mask to reach for when your skin needs some reviving. See a theme here? This is another must have for me.
Would I repurchase? Yes - in fact, I have one in the fridge now!

Clinique All About Eyes eyecream: I received this eyecream in a package I purchased over the holiday with lotion and a sleep pack. I have mentioned before that I am in the prevent, not treat, stages of eyecream, so as long as I use one, I don't get picky about the brand.
Would I repurchase? I always have an eyecream on hand, but I won't go out to purchase this again until I am in the market. Thanks to swaps and subs, that won't be for a while!

LUSH Cosmetics Herbalism: Such an awesome cleanser! Herbalism smells of fresh herbs and is actually pretty fragranced, FYI. I have been using this as a second cleanse after an oil based cleanse. I finished up my full size, was surprised to find this sample, and now I need a LUSH trip for more!
Would I repurchase? Yes! It is so gentle, effective, and I actually love the weird herby smell. :)

Body Products/Hair Products:

LUSH Cosmetics Plum Rain Shower Gel: This smells purple! LOL. Plum Rain is an Oxford Exclusive (I think, or was when I got it) that smells like fresh plums. Even my Mom used this, and she is usually quite anti-LUSH (sigh).
Would I repurchase? If I see it in the Kitchen, I would def snag another bottle!

LUSH Cosmetics Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner: Sigh. I have purchased this a few times and it does nothing, nada, zip, zilch, kaput, for my hair. In fact, it makes it drier. I keep purchasing it because I love the scent.
Would I repurchase? Wallet and logic both say no more. Bye bye, Happy Happy.

LUSH Cosmetics Calacas Shower Gel: I bought this from a blog sale as it is a Kitchen item that can be hard to find. Guess what the main scent is? Jelly beans! LOL. It is very jelly beany, almost too sweet, yet tart like a lime. It is very moisturizing, but the scent doesn't do it for me.
Would I repurchase? No, but I am glad I tried it!

No Name Lavender Sugar Scrub: I purchased this indie scrub at a local fair over a year ago. The lavender scent was lovely, it was quite scrubby, and I did enjoy it.
Would I repurchase? How can I!? This is a mistake for packaging - the company didn't put their name on the jar.

LUSH Cosmetics Snowman Shower Jelly: Another seasonal, lovely LUSH product. This has black currant, buchu oil (whatever that is, LOL), and smells quite fresh and lovely. Shaped like a snowman, this is more themey and cute than a quality jelly.
Would I repurchase? Probably not, but I loved trying it. The snowman broke up quickly and was kinda mushy at the end.

LUSH Cosmetics Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly: Another seasonal jelly, this one was bunny shaped and smelled like carrots.
Would I repurchase? See above, no go.

LUSH Cosmetics Behind Your Ears Shower Gel: This sample came in a Kitchen order. It smells like carrots! It was SUPER moisturizing, but the smell is off-putting to me.
Would I repurchase? See above, above. Loved the sample, though!

Makeup & Misc:

LUSH Cosmetics Helping Hands Hand Creme: Another LUSH product! The last one, I swear, LOL. Helping Hands is a THICK hand cream for hard working hands. I do nothing taxing with my mitts, so I found this a bit thick for me.
Would I repurchase? No. I have found other products that work better for me without being as thick. As with all LUSH products, it smells great (and my Grandma loves it!).

Essence All About Matt! Compact Powder: Hello, holy grail item for $3.99!! I try all inexpensive matte powders that I can find, in an effort to find my holy grail. Success! This powder is from Ulta, it is under $5, doesn't leave a whitish cast, and has no scent. The only con is that it doesn't last all day in CT humidity, and I usually dust a bit right over my nose during my lunch break. Not a biggie!
Would I repurchase? Yes, I already bought a new one before I finished my first!

Stila Color Correcting Powder: If you know what you're looking for, TJ Maxx and Marshalls can surprise you with high end goodies for a low, low price point. I saw this Stila Color Correcting powder for $8 and grabbed it! The inside had pink, white, and green powders. You turn this wheel thing to move the powders up and into the dispenser, then use your brush to apply. It worked great to even my skintone and eliminate redness.
Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

QTica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator: This came in a Zoya package, I forget if I paid for it, if it was a GWP, or a review item. Either way, it was a good before-base base coat and was supposed to help stimulate nail growth.
Would I repurchase? No, I wouldn't go out of my way to get it again, but I did use it up!

Young Living Tranquil Roll-On: Love this stuff! If you know me at all, you know I am the world's worst sleeper. I worry too much to fall asleep and I wake up worrying all night. This roll-on, suggested by my friend Katie (let me know if you want her info) calmed my overactive brain and lulled me to sleep. Katie says it is also kiddo safe, FYI!
Would I repurchase? The price point is a little steep for me, but it was totally worth it. I'm debating!

Benefit Roller Lash: Another holy grail item, Roller Lash is the only high end mascara I purchase. I know it's been on the blog before, so I'll skip the review.
Would I repurchase? Yes!! 100x yes!

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench cream: This water based moisturizer arrived in a Sephora PLAY! box. I am loving the new water based creams that feel so light on the skin.
Would I repurchase? I am def not in the market to purchase a new moisturizer any time soon, personally, but I would highly recommend this one! Yes!

Swisspers Cotton Rounds: The point is to show you what I used up, right? LOL. Cotton rounds are a necessity around my house!
Would I repurchase? Yesssss.

Posh Go West Face Mask: Another awesome sample courtesy of my pal Posh pusher, Jayme. Go West smells like earthy, clean, dirt, and has a tiny bit of exfoliating clay inside. I was shocked by how gentle and effective this mask really is! Love!
Would I repurchase? Seriously, I cannot possibly justify buying any more masking products! But if I could, I would!

There you have it!

I am shocked at my own totals. I don't even want to tell you, LOL.

But I will! Here goes:

May Totals: 24 empties... 11 sample packets

Which brings me to the scarier number of:

Yearly Total: 106 empties... 41 sample packets.

Eek! What do you think of the Empties Report? Helpful, not, any suggestions?


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