Thursday, May 18, 2017

Perfectly Posh with Jayme Leigh!!

Hello there! Today I have a review of some goodies from skincare company, Perfectly Posh! My buddy Jayme has taken the plunge and is selling PP now, so if you want to check out any items, make sure to visit her link HERE! 

(PS: I have known Jayme for years now! She's a sweetheart and will take the time to answer ANY concerns or questions you have about skincare and Posh ingredients!)

(PPS: For Giveaways, brand new product info and more, give her Posh FB Page a LIKE HERE!)


Here are the samples Jayme sent me to check out!


Go West Detoxifying, Exfoliating Face Mask: Holy moly this smells like heaven! Red clay gives it the color, while that plus volcanic ash (which just sounds cool) exfoliate the skin and clear the pores. I haven't tried this yet but it'll be a Mask of the Week soon.

UPDATE: Tried this mask and it is amaaazing. More details coming on Sunday, May 21!



Posh Body Absolute Passion Fruit Coconut Oil: Ok, so, this is pretty neat. When I was going through my package, this was SOLID! I was like is this going to work!? Once I squeezed it on to my (warm) palm, it immediately started to liquefy, but it wasn't runny or drippy, it just sat in my palm. I rubbed my hands together to emulsify the rest, then rubbed it on my feet and legs. The passion fruit scent makes it literally heavenly! I am all about oils right now so I really loved this product.


Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme Beach Blanket: I wish you guys could scratch and sniff the screen! This hand lotion, which has a decently thick consistency but it not greasy or heavy at all, literally smells like the best parts of a tropical beach - salt, coconut, windy breezes, and a tan. If you're in the market for a hand creme, this is coming highly recommended!


Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911: One thing to be careful about when buying products online is the ingredients list. I think I've discovered I am allergic to nuts, so the Complexion Perfection, with peppermint AND walnuts, is getting passed on by me. This is where having an awesome consultant like Jayme is super helpful! Ask about any allergens!

Otherwise, Moisturize 911 has a great, light scent. It has caffeine in it, which does instantly tighten the skin, so don't be alarmed when that happens! The tightness lasts just for a second though, and it plays well with my makeup routine.


Chunk! Rico Guave soap: Please, someone, invent smell-o-vision, just for this!! You can smell the mango through the bag it smells sooooo good! I have used the Chunk soap before, and let me tell you, you get a TON of product! I cut my last Chunk into 3 huge pieces and it takes forever to use it up! The mango butter leaves your skin super soft, too, don't get scared off because it is a bar soap. The lather is rich and foamy, it feels comforting to use. Heaven must smell like this. PS: extra points for the name, Posh!



That's it! I loove everything Jayme sent (that I tried) and I am running to get a full size of that amazing Coconut oil! Jayme's info is linked below - AND SHE SELLS LULAROE, TOO - so hit her up for your bathing and clothing needs!


Please remember to use Jayme's link - HERE - if you decide to check out any of these items!

And follow her Facebook page HERE!


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