Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Current Skincare Routine!

You guys, I am in LOVE with how my skin looks lately. So in love, in fact, that I wanted to share what I have been using and why I love it!


Yep, this is what I have been using - pretty much DAILY - that has my skin looking fabulous! Do I use every single one of these products daily? Nope! But I do layer on products, more now than ever, and really think about what my skin needs daily. Let me tell you about the products here!


Starting from top row, from the left.

LUSH Cosmetics UltraBland: Please, God of Beauty and Good Skin, let me not EVER be without my UltraBland! This product is literally scentless and artificial ingredient free. It is super thick, hydrating, and amazing. If I use something else, my skin protests. I have even turned my (ex) boyfriend on to this product. I use this DAILY.

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil: I only snagged this recently at TJ Maxx, as I was looking for an oil based cleanser. KBeauty suggests the daily double cleanse to really get rid of makeup and dirt. I use this AFTER my UltraBland, pretty much daily.

Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk: I love a Micellar Water in the morning, but recently I decided to use it after my double cleanse, to see if there was any grime left on my skin. Surprise? There WAS! I have begun to use this after my double cleanse and before applying other products. Bonus: it smells amaazing.

Wrinkle Prevention:

Nip & Fab Viper Venom Frown Fix: I am 33 (sigh), so wrinkles are headed my way. Fortunately, since I don't smoke or drink or tan, and since I am blessed with good genes (thank you, Gogo), I am doing prevention still and not fighting time. I do have a small wrinkle between my eyebrows and also on my lips, so I target the product there. The slim applicator has a brush on one end, so you just twist it up and brush it right onto your wrinkles. It stings, so it works, right?


TonyMoly Rice Smooth Toner: On days where my skin needs a more gentle touch, I use a cotton pad to wipe on this glorious toner - scent free, so gentle, so soothing!

Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic: On days where my skin can stand a little more OOMPH (technical term for the hard stuff), I use the Glow Tonic instead of regular toner. This product has some acid in it, meant to slough away the dead cells and exfoliate your way to brighter skin. My skin does not like this daily.

Bottom row, from the left.

Rhonda Alison Cucumber Spritz Hydrating Mist: I admit, I don't know if this really adds to my routine, but it smells like heaven.

Skin Food Peach Sake Emulsion: Following whichever toner I use, I then apply this amazing smelling emulsion, which has the consistency of a super light lotion.

Purito Vitamin C Serum: I had to order this full size! It is for brightening and evening the skintone. I tap this on BEFORE toner, but I photographed it in the wrong order.


InnisFree The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream: This is another "preventative" not treatment step for me, as I do not have any lines around my eyes. I like this product, as it is slightly cooling, but I am honestly not picky about eye cream...yet...


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Huge fan! I remember using this back in the day with the 3-step system, and it is still such a good product. Only downside for me is that I don't reeeally love the scent, but combined with all the other stuff on my face, it's not too bad.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate: I recently snagged this new product at Ulta with the urging of one of my favorite employees there. She never steers me wrong! This product dries flat - it feels, well, almost tight. I use it at night as the last step in my routine.

Sleep Mask/Pack:

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack: Last but not least, 3 or so nights per week I add on a sleeping pack for extra moisture. I am not sure if this will be needed in the summer, but it is delightful in the winter!

In conclusion...typing this was a lot of work! LOL. It takes time to find the right skin routine for everyone. Also, no matter what you put on your skin, nothing compares to drinking enough water and eating as few processed and chemical laden foods as possible.

If you have any questions about any of these products, please let me know!



  1. I'm finally organizing all my subscription. If samples and actually making the point to try the I have a similar amount of items, some of which I cycle on different just now giving Korres sleeping facial (the wild rose one) a shot on some nights...thinking about buying the sleeping stuff kit for that brand from Sephora...

    1. Sorry, phone typo up there...not sure how that became "subscription. If samples...". Lol! I think it was supposed to be subscription box samples?


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