Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 30, 2017

Personal note before we begin today...my best friend, fuzziest buddy, thunder buddy for life, favorite sentient being in the entire world, my girl Shelby, is having surgery as we speak. To whomever you pray, please do...what ever good vibes you have...please send them! It should be fairly simple, it's a noncancerous but annoying to her growth on her eye, but I am still a nervous dude (Shelby would call me dude, not Mom) over here.

This is my girl:


Thank you in advance for the well wishes, good energy, and prayers for my sweet bear.

Ok, on to the real reason you are here: the manis!

Zoya Esty: new from the 2017 Wanderlust collection, Esty is a vibrant fuchsia creme that is perfectly opaque in two coats. Perfect, easy, Zoya: the norm.


Zoya Cora: yup, looks like another Zoya filled week here! I am loving the new cremes. Cora is the perfect BRIGHT ORANGE but not too bright.


Just an FYI, cuz I am a nerd, but check out how perfectly Cora matches the Rosetti purse that I snagged from Kohl's for just $9 on clearance! I love it!!


Zoya Sawyer: I am loving the newest Zoya collex! Sawyer is a polish that I didn't think I would like on, but I do! It's a tangerine color, perfectly reminds me of popsicles dripping down your hand while you eat it outside in the sun. This is two perfect coats and topcoat.


Zoya Arbor: I think I keep picking up my new Zoya because I haven't gotten a full review post to you just yet. Arbor is a seriously ugly pretty color. The formula is flawless - just ONE coat and topcoat shown here! But the color...love it? hate it? What do you think?


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