Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 23, 2017

Another Tuesday, another round up!

Zoya Tiana: This color (shade, not exact bottle of polish) is sentimental to me because it was the color of my bedroom when I was a teenager. I love seafoam green still! Tiana is also stellar because it applies so nicely - opaque and perfect, self leveling, quick drying, and done in two coats. I am a huge fan of this polish!


China Glaze That's Shore Bright: I should've used that last week when I was going for neons! This polish can be a bit of a pain but it is worth it! I used three coats and topcoat here. It can be a little thick, so I did add some thinner before using it. It dries matte so you may want to double the topcoat for extra shine.


Salon Perfect Ghostly Glow: Apparently I am in a more neon mood this week than last. I knew I wanted, for some random reason, a neon green nail. Do I ever want a neon green nail? No, I don't. But that day, I did. This polish is surprisingly awesome, only two coats needed. It did dry matte, as neons tend to do, but a quick swipe of topcoat fixed that right up. And no, in case you're wondering, it doesn't glow, despite the name.


Zoya Kitridge: Pretty, pretty pink polish! Kitridge is perfect in two coats. I added HK Girl topcoat. Zoya cremes are basically flawless, as you already know!


Zoya Sonja: Sneak peek! This gorgeous polish - hot pink? neon red? - is a ONE coat wonder! It is from the brand new Wanderlust collection for Summer 2017. I will have the whole collection for you soon. See all those exclamation points? Great polish!


Zoya Chantal: Apparently I had a Zoya filled week on my nails, but with such fabulous creme polishes, who can blame me? Chantal is my GO TO, before work, in a rush mani. Two quick coats, HK Girl, done.


Oh yeah...see how the last two are my cinderella hand? That's just about the time that both my middle and pointer fingers on my swatching hand both decided to break. More left handed swatches, coming your way!


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