Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 2, 2017

Another week, another round o'manis!!

Zoya Tove: I LOVE a cool grey nail. Love. It is the edgiest neutral that is work appropo, classy, and matches everything you could wear. What doesn't go with grey? Tove is a medium cool grey and the Satin finish dries, as it suggests, to a not flat but still matte tone. You can add topcoat for shine and staying power, or leave as it, like I wore it here. Two perfect coats and viola!


Zoya Leah: I forgot how much I loved the Satin finish, so I grabbed Leah for my next mani. Leah is a cool greyed out taupe. (Do you say toe-p or taw-p? LOL). This is also two coats but I did add my fave topcoat, HK Girl, to this one. See the differences between Tove and Leah? That difference is the Satin finish.


OPI You're Such A Budapest: Usually I have more than a "this is pretty" reason for grabbing a polish, but not so with this one! It's just so pretty! This is three thin coats, as the polish was much thinner than I remember it being. The first coat was quite streaky, actually, and the second was OK but a 3rd was needed for sure. Still worth it, though, as the color is gorgeous.


China Glaze Friends Forever, Right?: This polish is from the Giver collection that came out in '15 or '16. I loved that movie as an adult and I loved the book as a child. Admission: I bought the entire collection, but I picked up the colors that I didn't truly love at Ocean State Job Lot for pennies of the retail price. Score! This is the lightest pink EVER, not white, and as it is a slightly chalky color, you do need 2, if not 3, coats. I did two thick coats here.


Zoya Hannah: It is a close tie between Zoya Hannah and Livingston for my favorite red polish. Not only do I love the colors of both polishes, but Zoya cremes are always great formulas. You do not want a runny red polish getting into your cuticles or a thick polish not laying smooth on the nail. I believe the proper, classic, red nail has to have match your skin tone and it has to look flawless. Hannah is the perfect color for me and has that total ice cream paint job (LOL) look to it when finished with a slick, shiny topcoat - HK Girl, as usual.


That's it for this week! I am clearly favoring my mainstream polishes so next week I will work some unique indies in the mix.


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