Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 16, 2017


So, last week I promised neons.

This week...uh...

Salon Perfect Sugar Cube: My favorite white! My first mani, as you'll see below, is black and white. So much for neon! Sugar Cube is a stark white that takes 2 coats to opacity. If you need a cheap white staple, I do suggest this one.


Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and Salon Perfect Oil Slick: tape manis are so easy but give such a striking look! I waited till SC was dry then added 3 strips of tape randomly to each nail. I applied two coats of Oil Slick and then removed the tape. Viola!


I think this deserves a close up!


Island Girl Nail Polish Mahalo Color: NEON! This is the legit most neon(est) polish I own. In fact, it is so neon that the photo isn't really the right color. At all. This beauty is 3 coats to perfection. And, IRL, it's super PINK!


Zoya Taylor: I wore Mahalo Color for three days because I was super busy, but one MORNING BEFORE WORK, I needed a quick change. I stress morning - before - work so you get how limited my time was...and how flawless this mani turned out! I used two coats of Taylor and HK Girl topcoat. 10 mins and OTD!


Zoya Jacqueline: Another neutral favorite, quick to apply, flawless every time, and the perfect base for some nail art...



Zoya Jacqueline, Zoya Brynn, and What's Up Nails Rose Decals: Let me tell you about these amaaazing decals from What's Up Nails! I love them, they are so high quality and come with little pull off tabs. In fact, I love them so much that I am going to do a separate nail art post about them very soon!


Zoya Willa: Willa is one of the best black polishes I have ever used! Two coats, done. There isn't much more to say!


Zoya Willa, Zoya Lillian, Zoya Abbey, Zoya Jordan, SinfulColors Unicorn, and China Glaze More to Explore: This is my Mother's Day mani! I am not a Mom (even to my Shelby..she'd totally call me her "dude" or something non-authority referencing) but I did go to dinner with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother. I will do a separate post because I love this mani and I am in serious love with my What's Up Nails rose petal decals!


That is it for this week! I didn't give you neons, as I had hoped, but nail art works, right?!


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