Thursday, May 25, 2017

American Made Creations Vinyl Decal Review - On My Car!!

I love to spotlight small businesses, especially ones owned and operated by my friends! If you've been a MBHM reader, you've certainly seen reviews of nail decals that I have featured by American Made Creations, run by my longtime nail gal pal, Shanel, and her fiance, Scott.

Here is my first AMC post, featuring nail decals AND car decals: Click HERE.


AMC nail vinyls are super high quality, affordable, and they offer custom designs, too. The best part about a small business is that they work hard to accommodate your requests - just shoot Shanel a message with what you're thinking (which is what I did with my new car decal) and she will work with you.

Now...on to the newest and greatest thing EVERRR!


Quick background story: In 2015, I bought a black Honda Accord. Which is the same car that pretty much everyone owns, LOL. In a parking lot, it can be hard to find! Here is the back:


Bland, yes?? Decaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!

I actually saw a monogram on a car recently, but it was tiny and on the back, bottom, corner of the back windshield. Cute, yes. Statement making? Not so much.


I asked Shanel to make a monogram for my car. It is 11 inches tall, which was the max available. It's perfect! AMC stocks some really unique vinyls, so I asked Shanel for a couple suggestions, which she then mocked up online and sent to me to see which I liked the best.


So I got thru most of the application process without taking a pic, then I thought better of it!

The decal comes with a protective sheet over a white backing. Peel off the backing a place on a cleaned surface, then slowly peel off the top, as you can see me doing above.


Since this was a big piece, I applied from the middle and then used my towel to rub the surface flat before I peeled off the top. It is slightly off center, which is totally my fault (LOL, my bad) but from driving distance, looks peeeeeeeerfect.


I am SO in love with this decal. My car looks awesome and will be so easy to find now!!

Please give Shanel and American Made Creations a Like and a follow! They also do shirts, totes, and other clothing in addition to stickers and vinyls. I've also seen customized koozies (coozies? those things for know what I mean) and holiday themed presents.

Find American Made Creations:

On Facebook HERE
On etsy HERE


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