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FaceTory! May 2017 Review

FaceTory, FaceTory, FaceTory!!

I am just in love with this $7, 4-pack KBeauty sheet mask sub!

Here is what I received in May:

This month's theme is Save My Skin - a seasonal approach to skincare after a long winter and changing temps. Perfect!

As usual, there is a sheet with some general info as well as details (in English, thank you) about each mask. I will show you the mask and the blurb together so you can learn about each one.

Close up of the universal directions:

Let me show you each mask!

That's it for now! I am excited to try these, especially the MelaTox for the brightening effects.

Do you subscribe to FaceTory? What do you think of this month?


Mani Round Up: May 30, 2017

Personal note before we begin best friend, fuzziest buddy, thunder buddy for life, favorite sentient being in the entire world, my girl Shelby, is having surgery as we speak. To whomever you pray, please do...what ever good vibes you have...please send them! It should be fairly simple, it's a noncancerous but annoying to her growth on her eye, but I am still a nervous dude (Shelby would call me dude, not Mom) over here.

This is my girl:

Thank you in advance for the well wishes, good energy, and prayers for my sweet bear.
Ok, on to the real reason you are here: the manis!
Zoya Esty: new from the 2017 Wanderlust collection, Esty is a vibrant fuchsia creme that is perfectly opaque in two coats. Perfect, easy, Zoya: the norm.

Zoya Cora: yup, looks like another Zoya filled week here! I am loving the new cremes. Cora is the perfect BRIGHT ORANGE but not too bright.

Just an FYI, cuz I am a nerd, but check out how perfectly Cora matches the Rosetti purse that I snagged from Kohl&…

Sephora PLAY! May 2017

Unboxing time!

Today I will show you what arrived in my May 2017 PLAY! box from Sephora. While last month was a little lackluster for me, this month has some awesome new finds! However, I am working with a current skincare routine that I love, so I haven't tried most of these items yet. This is more of an unboxing than review, so I hope you don't mind.

This month's theme is  Beauty on the Rise! According to the site, and paperwork enclosed, the products are "a tour of cult-favorites, hard-to-find formulas, and up and coming brands that are making their mark right now." Cool!

Instead of the cloth bag, this month came with a sturdy plastic square case...bag...container... with an envelope flap that snaps closed. It is quite sturdy! I am going on two trips in June, so this came at a perfect time to go through the airport.

Group shot:

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: Love this brand! I was really excited to see this as I am now a double cleanser daily. Per…

Mask of the Week: Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Lavender Citrus

Warning: awesome purple mask face pic coming up!

Today I tried the Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment in Lavender Citrus. My Grandmother gifted this to me because it came in a set that she purchased (if you wonder where I get my love of lux, look no further) and she is not a mask fan. Score! Thanks, Gogo!

Just like my Apricot Josie mask that is a bright orange, this matches the container too and is a sweeeet lavender color. You know I love a funny colored face mask.

This has a super thick consistency. Emphasis on the super and extra emphasis on the thick. Mud is pretty much the consistency to think of - purple, lavender smelling mud.

Wow - does this smell strong! If you do not like lavender, and a lot of it, you will not like this mask. As it is super thick, it takes forever to dry down, so the scent remains super strong the whole time. Personally, I love lavender, but it makes me super sleepy - look at my eyes, LOL! I put this on and just closed my…

American Made Creations Vinyl Decal Review - On My Car!!

I love to spotlight small businesses, especially ones owned and operated by my friends! If you've been a MBHM reader, you've certainly seen reviews of nail decals that I have featured by American Made Creations, run by my longtime nail gal pal, Shanel, and her fiance, Scott.

Here is my first AMC post, featuring nail decals AND car decals: Click HERE.

AMC nail vinyls are super high quality, affordable, and they offer custom designs, too. The best part about a small business is that they work hard to accommodate your requests - just shoot Shanel a message with what you're thinking (which is what I did with my new car decal) and she will work with you.

Now...on to the newest and greatest thing EVERRR!

Quick background story: In 2015, I bought a black Honda Accord. Which is the same car that pretty much everyone owns, LOL. In a parking lot, it can be hard to find! Here is the back:

Bland, yes?? Decaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!

I actually saw a monogram on a car recently, but it was…

Mani Round Up: May 23, 2017

Another Tuesday, another round up!

Zoya Tiana: This color (shade, not exact bottle of polish) is sentimental to me because it was the color of my bedroom when I was a teenager. I love seafoam green still! Tiana is also stellar because it applies so nicely - opaque and perfect, self leveling, quick drying, and done in two coats. I am a huge fan of this polish!

China Glaze That's Shore Bright: I should've used that last week when I was going for neons! This polish can be a bit of a pain but it is worth it! I used three coats and topcoat here. It can be a little thick, so I did add some thinner before using it. It dries matte so you may want to double the topcoat for extra shine.

Salon Perfect Ghostly Glow: Apparently I am in a more neon mood this week than last. I knew I wanted, for some random reason, a neon green nail. Do I ever want a neon green nail? No, I don't. But that day, I did. This polish is surprisingly awesome, only two coats needed. It did dry matte, as neons ten…

Mask of the Week: Perfectly Posh Go West

I love the Mask of the Week post!

I love trying new products and I am (still) currently obsessed with masks, so I truly look forward to this post. Hope you do, too. I am still toying with the idea of a second Mask of the Week post as I try to mask multiple times per week. What do you think of a Wednesday and Sunday mask post? Let me know in the comments!

This week I have a mask sample of Go West to review sent by my pal, Jayme, who is reppin' the Perfectly Posh skincare line.

Click HERE to check out Jayme's store!

According to the website, Go West! is a detoxifying, exfoliating face mask. It contains "red clay and gritty volcanic ash help detox pores and exfoliate dry skin, while antioxidant-rich rosehip oil and calming licorice root extract nourish."

Typical mask directions: "Apply a thin layer on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5–10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Follow with moisturizer to keep your freshly exfoliated face look…