Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mask of the Week: Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Lavender Citrus

Warning: awesome purple mask face pic coming up!

Today I tried the Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment in Lavender Citrus. My Grandmother gifted this to me because it came in a set that she purchased (if you wonder where I get my love of lux, look no further) and she is not a mask fan. Score! Thanks, Gogo!


Just like my Apricot Josie mask that is a bright orange, this matches the container too and is a sweeeet lavender color. You know I love a funny colored face mask.


This has a super thick consistency. Emphasis on the super and extra emphasis on the thick. Mud is pretty much the consistency to think of - purple, lavender smelling mud.


Wow - does this smell strong! If you do not like lavender, and a lot of it, you will not like this mask. As it is super thick, it takes forever to dry down, so the scent remains super strong the whole time. Personally, I love lavender, but it makes me super sleepy - look at my eyes, LOL! I put this on and just closed my eyes.

One thing I dislike about this mask is that it feels very tight as it dries down. I believe that is the norm for mud masks, but still an FYI that you will need to finish your post masking with a heavy moisturizer. I would emphasis that this is more detox than hydration on me, and I normally have dry to normal skin.

I am enjoying the Josie Maran masks I have tried so far, but for me, as I just said, they are tightening and slightly drying. Heads up for those with dry skin and those sensitive to fragrance!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

American Made Creations Vinyl Decal Review - On My Car!!

I love to spotlight small businesses, especially ones owned and operated by my friends! If you've been a MBHM reader, you've certainly seen reviews of nail decals that I have featured by American Made Creations, run by my longtime nail gal pal, Shanel, and her fiance, Scott.

Here is my first AMC post, featuring nail decals AND car decals: Click HERE.


AMC nail vinyls are super high quality, affordable, and they offer custom designs, too. The best part about a small business is that they work hard to accommodate your requests - just shoot Shanel a message with what you're thinking (which is what I did with my new car decal) and she will work with you.

Now...on to the newest and greatest thing EVERRR!


Quick background story: In 2015, I bought a black Honda Accord. Which is the same car that pretty much everyone owns, LOL. In a parking lot, it can be hard to find! Here is the back:


Bland, yes?? Decaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!

I actually saw a monogram on a car recently, but it was tiny and on the back, bottom, corner of the back windshield. Cute, yes. Statement making? Not so much.


I asked Shanel to make a monogram for my car. It is 11 inches tall, which was the max available. It's perfect! AMC stocks some really unique vinyls, so I asked Shanel for a couple suggestions, which she then mocked up online and sent to me to see which I liked the best.


So I got thru most of the application process without taking a pic, then I thought better of it!

The decal comes with a protective sheet over a white backing. Peel off the backing a place on a cleaned surface, then slowly peel off the top, as you can see me doing above.


Since this was a big piece, I applied from the middle and then used my towel to rub the surface flat before I peeled off the top. It is slightly off center, which is totally my fault (LOL, my bad) but from driving distance, looks peeeeeeeerfect.


I am SO in love with this decal. My car looks awesome and will be so easy to find now!!

Please give Shanel and American Made Creations a Like and a follow! They also do shirts, totes, and other clothing in addition to stickers and vinyls. I've also seen customized koozies (coozies? those things for know what I mean) and holiday themed presents.

Find American Made Creations:

On Facebook HERE
On etsy HERE


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 23, 2017

Another Tuesday, another round up!

Zoya Tiana: This color (shade, not exact bottle of polish) is sentimental to me because it was the color of my bedroom when I was a teenager. I love seafoam green still! Tiana is also stellar because it applies so nicely - opaque and perfect, self leveling, quick drying, and done in two coats. I am a huge fan of this polish!


China Glaze That's Shore Bright: I should've used that last week when I was going for neons! This polish can be a bit of a pain but it is worth it! I used three coats and topcoat here. It can be a little thick, so I did add some thinner before using it. It dries matte so you may want to double the topcoat for extra shine.


Salon Perfect Ghostly Glow: Apparently I am in a more neon mood this week than last. I knew I wanted, for some random reason, a neon green nail. Do I ever want a neon green nail? No, I don't. But that day, I did. This polish is surprisingly awesome, only two coats needed. It did dry matte, as neons tend to do, but a quick swipe of topcoat fixed that right up. And no, in case you're wondering, it doesn't glow, despite the name.


Zoya Kitridge: Pretty, pretty pink polish! Kitridge is perfect in two coats. I added HK Girl topcoat. Zoya cremes are basically flawless, as you already know!


Zoya Sonja: Sneak peek! This gorgeous polish - hot pink? neon red? - is a ONE coat wonder! It is from the brand new Wanderlust collection for Summer 2017. I will have the whole collection for you soon. See all those exclamation points? Great polish!


Zoya Chantal: Apparently I had a Zoya filled week on my nails, but with such fabulous creme polishes, who can blame me? Chantal is my GO TO, before work, in a rush mani. Two quick coats, HK Girl, done.


Oh yeah...see how the last two are my cinderella hand? That's just about the time that both my middle and pointer fingers on my swatching hand both decided to break. More left handed swatches, coming your way!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mask of the Week: Perfectly Posh Go West

I love the Mask of the Week post!

I love trying new products and I am (still) currently obsessed with masks, so I truly look forward to this post. Hope you do, too. I am still toying with the idea of a second Mask of the Week post as I try to mask multiple times per week. What do you think of a Wednesday and Sunday mask post? Let me know in the comments!

This week I have a mask sample of Go West to review sent by my pal, Jayme, who is reppin' the Perfectly Posh skincare line.

Click HERE to check out Jayme's store!


According to the website, Go West! is a detoxifying, exfoliating face mask. It contains "red clay and gritty volcanic ash help detox pores and exfoliate dry skin, while antioxidant-rich rosehip oil and calming licorice root extract nourish."

Typical mask directions: "Apply a thin layer on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5–10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Follow with moisturizer to keep your freshly exfoliated face looking soft and lovely."


After I read this info, and saw the sample, I had a few thoughts.

  • Was this going to be enough to cover my face?
  • Would the exfoliating be TOO MUCH on my fairly sensitive skin??

Let's see!


Next, I realized how amaaazing this smells. According to the website, the scent is a "blend of fresh earth, essential oils, and botanical extracts." Yeah, that doesn't explain anything. It smells clean, fresh, desert-y. That also doesn't really help, does it?


This sample was more than enough to cover my face, which leads me to believe I have been using way too much of my other skincare products. Thoughts for later.

You can feel and see the gritty, exfoliating particles in the product. There aren't many pieces though, which made me feel instantly better and worry less about over-exfoliation. (It's a real issue, especially when you have a heavy hand like I do!)

I waited ten or so minutes and then rinsed. The mask dried a bit but not fully in the ten mins. It did not feel tight or harsh at all.



Conclusion: love at first application! My skin felt buttery soft. I mean s-a-w-f-t (are any of my readers WWE fans? haha)!! There is a slightly cooling sensation after you wash it off, but in a cooling way, not a tingling or painful or tightening way.

The photo above is my bare skin right after I washed off the mask. Love, love, love. I finished up adding a few drops of my beloved Purito Vitamin C serum, then moisturizer (as you should after any mask!).


Needless to say, I recommend the heck out of this product. It smells amazing and is so very gentle. I would NOT use it daily, but perhaps once per week to really refresh the skin.

The link to check out more details on the Go West! mask or to purchase is HERE!

Link to her full store: HERE!

Thank you, Jayme for letting me try this product!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Perfectly Posh with Jayme Leigh!!

Hello there! Today I have a review of some goodies from skincare company, Perfectly Posh! My buddy Jayme has taken the plunge and is selling PP now, so if you want to check out any items, make sure to visit her link HERE! 

(PS: I have known Jayme for years now! She's a sweetheart and will take the time to answer ANY concerns or questions you have about skincare and Posh ingredients!)

(PPS: For Giveaways, brand new product info and more, give her Posh FB Page a LIKE HERE!)


Here are the samples Jayme sent me to check out!


Go West Detoxifying, Exfoliating Face Mask: Holy moly this smells like heaven! Red clay gives it the color, while that plus volcanic ash (which just sounds cool) exfoliate the skin and clear the pores. I haven't tried this yet but it'll be a Mask of the Week soon.

UPDATE: Tried this mask and it is amaaazing. More details coming on Sunday, May 21!



Posh Body Absolute Passion Fruit Coconut Oil: Ok, so, this is pretty neat. When I was going through my package, this was SOLID! I was like is this going to work!? Once I squeezed it on to my (warm) palm, it immediately started to liquefy, but it wasn't runny or drippy, it just sat in my palm. I rubbed my hands together to emulsify the rest, then rubbed it on my feet and legs. The passion fruit scent makes it literally heavenly! I am all about oils right now so I really loved this product.


Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme Beach Blanket: I wish you guys could scratch and sniff the screen! This hand lotion, which has a decently thick consistency but it not greasy or heavy at all, literally smells like the best parts of a tropical beach - salt, coconut, windy breezes, and a tan. If you're in the market for a hand creme, this is coming highly recommended!


Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911: One thing to be careful about when buying products online is the ingredients list. I think I've discovered I am allergic to nuts, so the Complexion Perfection, with peppermint AND walnuts, is getting passed on by me. This is where having an awesome consultant like Jayme is super helpful! Ask about any allergens!

Otherwise, Moisturize 911 has a great, light scent. It has caffeine in it, which does instantly tighten the skin, so don't be alarmed when that happens! The tightness lasts just for a second though, and it plays well with my makeup routine.


Chunk! Rico Guave soap: Please, someone, invent smell-o-vision, just for this!! You can smell the mango through the bag it smells sooooo good! I have used the Chunk soap before, and let me tell you, you get a TON of product! I cut my last Chunk into 3 huge pieces and it takes forever to use it up! The mango butter leaves your skin super soft, too, don't get scared off because it is a bar soap. The lather is rich and foamy, it feels comforting to use. Heaven must smell like this. PS: extra points for the name, Posh!



That's it! I loove everything Jayme sent (that I tried) and I am running to get a full size of that amazing Coconut oil! Jayme's info is linked below - AND SHE SELLS LULAROE, TOO - so hit her up for your bathing and clothing needs!


Please remember to use Jayme's link - HERE - if you decide to check out any of these items!

And follow her Facebook page HERE!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 16, 2017


So, last week I promised neons.

This week...uh...

Salon Perfect Sugar Cube: My favorite white! My first mani, as you'll see below, is black and white. So much for neon! Sugar Cube is a stark white that takes 2 coats to opacity. If you need a cheap white staple, I do suggest this one.


Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and Salon Perfect Oil Slick: tape manis are so easy but give such a striking look! I waited till SC was dry then added 3 strips of tape randomly to each nail. I applied two coats of Oil Slick and then removed the tape. Viola!


I think this deserves a close up!


Island Girl Nail Polish Mahalo Color: NEON! This is the legit most neon(est) polish I own. In fact, it is so neon that the photo isn't really the right color. At all. This beauty is 3 coats to perfection. And, IRL, it's super PINK!


Zoya Taylor: I wore Mahalo Color for three days because I was super busy, but one MORNING BEFORE WORK, I needed a quick change. I stress morning - before - work so you get how limited my time was...and how flawless this mani turned out! I used two coats of Taylor and HK Girl topcoat. 10 mins and OTD!


Zoya Jacqueline: Another neutral favorite, quick to apply, flawless every time, and the perfect base for some nail art...



Zoya Jacqueline, Zoya Brynn, and What's Up Nails Rose Decals: Let me tell you about these amaaazing decals from What's Up Nails! I love them, they are so high quality and come with little pull off tabs. In fact, I love them so much that I am going to do a separate nail art post about them very soon!


Zoya Willa: Willa is one of the best black polishes I have ever used! Two coats, done. There isn't much more to say!


Zoya Willa, Zoya Lillian, Zoya Abbey, Zoya Jordan, SinfulColors Unicorn, and China Glaze More to Explore: This is my Mother's Day mani! I am not a Mom (even to my Shelby..she'd totally call me her "dude" or something non-authority referencing) but I did go to dinner with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother. I will do a separate post because I love this mani and I am in serious love with my What's Up Nails rose petal decals!


That is it for this week! I didn't give you neons, as I had hoped, but nail art works, right?!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mask of the Week: e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask

Hello and welcome to my favorite post of the week!

When I was recently at a Target, which doesn't happen often, I saw that the e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask was for sale IN Store!! I have wanted to try this mask for ages, but didn't want to order online, simply because a)instant gratification is always better and b)other things always accidentally throw themselves in my carts when I shop online. How does that happen!?!?!


So, needless to say, when I saw it in the store, it came home with me.


As you know, I love masks, but until recently, I haven't tried a bubble mask! I tried a bubble SHEET mask from another brand, but the bubbling effect was fairly lame, to be honest. I was hoping for more with a bubbling LIQUID.


This is the container and to release product, shown below, you push down to dispense.


Though e.l.f. suggests using it's masking tool with this product, the fact that it is dispensed out for you pretty much negates needing a brush. Fingers it is!


I needed about 3 pumps to cover my face, but I do like a thicker mask. You may get away with using less product.


Aaand here it is, my goofy mask face! I am laughing, or smirking, really, because the bubbles are ticklish! The product goes from a clear gel to instant bubbling on the skin. I left it on for about 10 mins, as suggested, then massaged in the product. That instantly left my skin sticky and tacky. Finish with washing it off and you're left with clean, happy skin!

As I noted before, I am trying to pay really good attention to my skin's reactions to products and I am happy to say this passed. I felt no irritation while using it and experienced none after, either. I did, and you should, follow this up with some moisturizer and you're good to go!

I am happy I purchased this and have already used it a few times!

Have you tried it? What do you think?


Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Current Skincare Routine!

You guys, I am in LOVE with how my skin looks lately. So in love, in fact, that I wanted to share what I have been using and why I love it!


Yep, this is what I have been using - pretty much DAILY - that has my skin looking fabulous! Do I use every single one of these products daily? Nope! But I do layer on products, more now than ever, and really think about what my skin needs daily. Let me tell you about the products here!


Starting from top row, from the left.

LUSH Cosmetics UltraBland: Please, God of Beauty and Good Skin, let me not EVER be without my UltraBland! This product is literally scentless and artificial ingredient free. It is super thick, hydrating, and amazing. If I use something else, my skin protests. I have even turned my (ex) boyfriend on to this product. I use this DAILY.

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil: I only snagged this recently at TJ Maxx, as I was looking for an oil based cleanser. KBeauty suggests the daily double cleanse to really get rid of makeup and dirt. I use this AFTER my UltraBland, pretty much daily.

Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk: I love a Micellar Water in the morning, but recently I decided to use it after my double cleanse, to see if there was any grime left on my skin. Surprise? There WAS! I have begun to use this after my double cleanse and before applying other products. Bonus: it smells amaazing.

Wrinkle Prevention:

Nip & Fab Viper Venom Frown Fix: I am 33 (sigh), so wrinkles are headed my way. Fortunately, since I don't smoke or drink or tan, and since I am blessed with good genes (thank you, Gogo), I am doing prevention still and not fighting time. I do have a small wrinkle between my eyebrows and also on my lips, so I target the product there. The slim applicator has a brush on one end, so you just twist it up and brush it right onto your wrinkles. It stings, so it works, right?


TonyMoly Rice Smooth Toner: On days where my skin needs a more gentle touch, I use a cotton pad to wipe on this glorious toner - scent free, so gentle, so soothing!

Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic: On days where my skin can stand a little more OOMPH (technical term for the hard stuff), I use the Glow Tonic instead of regular toner. This product has some acid in it, meant to slough away the dead cells and exfoliate your way to brighter skin. My skin does not like this daily.

Bottom row, from the left.

Rhonda Alison Cucumber Spritz Hydrating Mist: I admit, I don't know if this really adds to my routine, but it smells like heaven.

Skin Food Peach Sake Emulsion: Following whichever toner I use, I then apply this amazing smelling emulsion, which has the consistency of a super light lotion.

Purito Vitamin C Serum: I had to order this full size! It is for brightening and evening the skintone. I tap this on BEFORE toner, but I photographed it in the wrong order.


InnisFree The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream: This is another "preventative" not treatment step for me, as I do not have any lines around my eyes. I like this product, as it is slightly cooling, but I am honestly not picky about eye cream...yet...


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Huge fan! I remember using this back in the day with the 3-step system, and it is still such a good product. Only downside for me is that I don't reeeally love the scent, but combined with all the other stuff on my face, it's not too bad.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate: I recently snagged this new product at Ulta with the urging of one of my favorite employees there. She never steers me wrong! This product dries flat - it feels, well, almost tight. I use it at night as the last step in my routine.

Sleep Mask/Pack:

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack: Last but not least, 3 or so nights per week I add on a sleeping pack for extra moisture. I am not sure if this will be needed in the summer, but it is delightful in the winter!

In conclusion...typing this was a lot of work! LOL. It takes time to find the right skin routine for everyone. Also, no matter what you put on your skin, nothing compares to drinking enough water and eating as few processed and chemical laden foods as possible.

If you have any questions about any of these products, please let me know!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mani Round Up: May 9, 2017

It is a neutral party happening this week! Surprised? Nope, didn't think so, LOL.

Julie G Beauty Birthday Suit: This color is gorgeous, neutral with just the right hint of pink. It compliments my skintone SO well. This is three coats, as it is pastel in nature and tends to streak a bit.


China Glaze What's She Dune?: This is a gorgeous grey leaning taupe, perfect in two coats. Why don't I reach for this more often!?


Powder Perfect Deceptively Sweet: Perfect name for this polish! Look closely, can you see the gorgeous gold shimmer throughout? This is two coats and topcoat - the polish was oddly thick, so I think that is time and settling and not the original formula of the polish. It was still super easy to work with, though, and so worth it.


Zoya Dori: Whoever picked the name for this polish should get a raise! It's the perfect Dori color!! This polish is so shiny and almost gel-like. I used two coats and a coat of HK Girl topcoat. I am not usually a blue polish lovah, but this beauty is certainly the exception to that rule.


Elevation Polish Tre Cime di Lavaredo: This was my first Elevation and it is one of my favorite golds EVER. The polish is pretty thick, so take your time with the strokes and let each coat dry. I just needed two coats and topcoat for what you see here. Holo macro!



That is it for this week! With the exception of Zoya Dori and a little holo sparkle in the EP, this week was pretty tame.

Next week: NEONS!