Sunday, April 2, 2017

Masks of the Week: No:hj Healing Mask Pack, Shea Butter Pucker Up Lip Mask, and Purito Snail Repair Serum

Multi-masking!! I have been getting more and more into KBeauty, in little baby steps, and, honestly, my skin has never looked better! While I am still using quite a few US products, I am loving what I am adding from the KBeauty world, especially the Purito brand, which seems to make quite a few serums, BB creams, and other awesome products. I purchased a couple sample packs from and haven't been disappointed with anything they have sent!

This week I used:

  • No:hj Healing Mask Pack in Lustre Lemon, 
  • Shea Butter Pucker Up Lip Mask,
  • Purito Snail Repair Serum.


The No:hj mask came from My FaceTory sub, which I am really loving. There were supposed to be gold flecks in the mask, but I didn't really see them or feel any effects from them. I liked the fit of the mask as it was more fabric and pliable than others. I still experienced gaping around my forehead and, as usual, I wish there was more fabric on the nose. My skin felt slightly tacky to the touch after use, but smooth and vibrant. Nice!

The effects of the mask, any mask really, are supposed to be better if you add a serum beforehand. The serum penetrates the skin and the mask with essence seals it in. I used the Purito Advanced 91 before and after - a new habit I will do before each masking session.

Lastly, I found another box of lip masks as TJ Maxx. I exfoliate first and then apply the mask. I did the lip mask first and then the Purito serum, then the face mask. I don't think lip masks do anything for me, but I love the extra few minutes of pampering!


Have you tried any of these brands or products? What do you think?


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