Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mask of the Week: Lindsay Pearl Essence Fabric Mask

Admission: I forgot to take a goofy selfie with the mask on! I know many of you come here just for the laughter, so I am sorry to say, no go this week! LOL, sorry!

This time I tried the Lindsay Pearl Essence Mask that I received in my April 2017 FaceTory subscription box.

As I have been trying to remember to do, I tapped on a touch of my Purito Vitamin C serum before AND after mask application. I also tapped on a bit of the innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream because sheet masks don't cover the eye area completely, so I thought this would be extra helpful.


According to my FaceTory info, pearl or peal essence powder in products are supposed to help regenerate healthy cells and to prevent freckles and dark spots.


I cleansed my face, tapped on my Vitamin C toner, and then applied the mask. This is a much heavier fabric than I am used to for sheet masks. It was hefty itself and even heavier with the essence on it. I actually liked that - it felt weighted and almost more lux, for some reason. I think it is an actual piece of fabric, because even when it dried, it stayed soft and pliable and not rough and papery.


I tried to leave it on for the full 30 mins - because I can def use that as an excuse to be lazy for a half hour! - but the mask dried pretty well in about 20, peeling a little from my mouth area as it dried. I removed it at about 25 mins and used the still damp parts to rub extra essence on my arms and legs.

After I removed it, my skin felt noticeably softer and plumper. Added the Vit C essence does make my skin slightly tacky, but I know that is the serum and not from the mask. I didn't notice anything long term as far as improvements but zero irritation, too, which is always a plus.

I have noticed that after removing some masks, my skin feels really warm and looks red...I am going to start paying more attention to that, but I am pleased I didn't notice it with the Lindsay Pearl Essence Mask. Love!


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