Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mask of the Week: Beyond Herb Garden Peony Mask

Another week, another My FaceTory mask!

This week I tried the Beyond Herb Garden Peony Mask, which focuses on radiance. Who does not want brighter, happier, glowy skin!?


Confession: I am a dork. I actually screen shotted and cropped this picture and it is now the background on my phone. It's so pretty!


Ohhhh, man. This smells SO nice! It's fresh and pretty and if "pink" had a smell, this would be it. Just girly and pleasant, right up my alley.

I forgot to take a picture with the mask on, but I did take goofy before and afters. Both have my phones "you wish your skin looked like this filter" LOL.


I swear, same lighting and same filter! Maybe the sun moved though, because I def look way brighter and more radiant in the After pic, but isn't that the point!? My skin stayed brighter for hours - I used the extra essence on my neck, chest, and arms, and all of me was SO soft and visibly glowing.

In conclusion, I LOVED this mask! Def my favorite FaceTory mask so far!

Have you used this brand? Thoughts?


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