Thursday, April 27, 2017

FaceTory! April 2017 Review

It is safe to say that my love of KBeauty and my love of face masks are here to stay!

This is my third month (I think) of FaceTory, a KBeauty mask subscription. The prices actually just rose, to about $7 per month, including shipping, for 4 masks. There is also a 7 mask per month option.

It is worth noting that if you go by the retail value of the masks, they don't always go over the $7 cost by themselves. However, if you realize that the fee also includes shipping AND, most important, that if you ordered these 4 items separately, you'd pay a lot more in the long run, then the cost feels very justified.


The masks are sent in a flat FaceTory envelope with a few documents, including a sheet listing what each mask does. That is actually vital to me because not all of the masks have English on them.


The theme for any and all sub boxes delivered in the US in April HAS to be Spring. There's really no other choice!

Here are my 4, along with the English description below.



Note that the mask above does not match the description photo. I've noticed that in previous months, too. No biggie to me, just an FYI.



Well, nevermind what I said about the retail value not matching the sub value, because this month the masks add up to $12! Perhaps with the small price increase, they upped the products a bit, too.

I have only tried the Pearl Essence mask, which I'll review for you this weekend, but in conclusion, especially after seeing the retail values, I am once again thrilled with this sub!


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