Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mask of the Week: Lindsay Pearl Essence Fabric Mask

Admission: I forgot to take a goofy selfie with the mask on! I know many of you come here just for the laughter, so I am sorry to say, no go this week! LOL, sorry!

This time I tried the Lindsay Pearl Essence Mask that I received in my April 2017 FaceTory subscription box.

As I have been trying to remember to do, I tapped on a touch of my Purito Vitamin C serum before AND after mask application. I also tapped on a bit of the innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream because sheet masks don't cover the eye area completely, so I thought this would be extra helpful.


According to my FaceTory info, pearl or peal essence powder in products are supposed to help regenerate healthy cells and to prevent freckles and dark spots.


I cleansed my face, tapped on my Vitamin C toner, and then applied the mask. This is a much heavier fabric than I am used to for sheet masks. It was hefty itself and even heavier with the essence on it. I actually liked that - it felt weighted and almost more lux, for some reason. I think it is an actual piece of fabric, because even when it dried, it stayed soft and pliable and not rough and papery.


I tried to leave it on for the full 30 mins - because I can def use that as an excuse to be lazy for a half hour! - but the mask dried pretty well in about 20, peeling a little from my mouth area as it dried. I removed it at about 25 mins and used the still damp parts to rub extra essence on my arms and legs.

After I removed it, my skin felt noticeably softer and plumper. Added the Vit C essence does make my skin slightly tacky, but I know that is the serum and not from the mask. I didn't notice anything long term as far as improvements but zero irritation, too, which is always a plus.

I have noticed that after removing some masks, my skin feels really warm and looks red...I am going to start paying more attention to that, but I am pleased I didn't notice it with the Lindsay Pearl Essence Mask. Love!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

FaceTory! April 2017 Review

It is safe to say that my love of KBeauty and my love of face masks are here to stay!

This is my third month (I think) of FaceTory, a KBeauty mask subscription. The prices actually just rose, to about $7 per month, including shipping, for 4 masks. There is also a 7 mask per month option.

It is worth noting that if you go by the retail value of the masks, they don't always go over the $7 cost by themselves. However, if you realize that the fee also includes shipping AND, most important, that if you ordered these 4 items separately, you'd pay a lot more in the long run, then the cost feels very justified.


The masks are sent in a flat FaceTory envelope with a few documents, including a sheet listing what each mask does. That is actually vital to me because not all of the masks have English on them.


The theme for any and all sub boxes delivered in the US in April HAS to be Spring. There's really no other choice!

Here are my 4, along with the English description below.



Note that the mask above does not match the description photo. I've noticed that in previous months, too. No biggie to me, just an FYI.



Well, nevermind what I said about the retail value not matching the sub value, because this month the masks add up to $12! Perhaps with the small price increase, they upped the products a bit, too.

I have only tried the Pearl Essence mask, which I'll review for you this weekend, but in conclusion, especially after seeing the retail values, I am once again thrilled with this sub!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mani Round Up: April 25, 2017


Maybelline Color Show Pretty In Peach: I forgot how much I like the Color Show formula! Do they even make this line any more? This is actually just two thin coats and topcoat! I am impressed with the formula for being a pastel color, too. I will def try to remember to grab this more often!


Orly Darkest Shadow: Well, this is pretty much impossible to photograph! I had to do something for work, so I wanted to look edgy and polished. I grabbed Darkest Shadow by Orly! It looks black in some lights, but has a blackened base with red and gold micro glitters. This is three coats, just because the base is slightly see-thru, and topcoat.

Update/Confession: I left this polish on for THREE days! That is pretty much forever in the world of a polish blogger. I did my nails Monday night and didn't remove this until Thursday night! Jeeeez!



China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely: Love this polish! This is a color that makes me smile every time I glance at my nails. It's an instant cheer up color for me. I only needed two coats, but I also did two coats of HK Girl topcoat as neons dry matte-ish and are also more prone to chipping. No worries once the HK Girl is on.


That's it for this week! I shall pick it up next week. Expect pastels coming your way!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mask of the Week: Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Daanji Mask

I must say, I am loving My FaceTory subscription and the masks that I receive!  This time I tried the Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Daanji Mask. My favorite thing about this sub is that these are all, pretty much, brands that are new to me as I dive deeper into KBeauty.

The My FaceTory sub is $6 per month, going up to $8, and for my first two months, the retail price of the sub items has been pretty much on par with the cost of the sub. While normally I would think that was a horrible value - what is the point of a bundled sub if you don't save some money? - here I am OK with it because if I had to purchase 4 KBeauty masks, in the US, and have them shipped to me, there is no way I would only spend $6 or $8 on 4 masks, even if they were all Amazon purchases.  So far, so good.


I decided to try the Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Daanji Mask because I read great reviews about it on a KBeauty blog. Honey is supposed to be super moisturizing, which is something I constantly need in my skincare products.


First, let me tell you, the smell is amazing! While many masks have a simple, clean smell, this smells like fresh honey and springtime. It is not sweet or cloying at all, but just a fresh honey scent. Loved it!

What I did not love? The fit! Take a look below...


Seriously, I am convinced that my face is an odd shape. Is it just me?! This was a thicker fabric mask, drenched with essence, but really hard to mold to my face. It's got to be me.

I kept this on for about 20 mins. It stayed saturated the entire time and my face felt cool and smooth to the touch once I removed it. Con: it also felt a little sticky! You know, like there was honey in it? LOL. I followed this up with some Purito serum but overall, I wasn't terribly impressed with this mask.

Have you tried Acwell masks? What do you think?


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sephora PLAY! April 2017

The April Sephora PLAY! box is here! As usual, it came in the striped box, in a white pouch with a design, and a fold-out brochure that details the items and their uses. It also includes a card redeemable in store for 50 points and a consultation with an employee (which you can always get, FYI).


This month's theme is Step It Up, detailing each of the steps in your makeup routine.

The pouch for this month was cute, but I still have no idea what to do with these! I would really like Sephora to change this, but it is really the contents that count, right?



Group shot:


Honestly, there is nothing toooooo exciting this month. As part of the "step it up" theme, I think they were aiming for basics - stuff you should always have at the ready.


Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: I had just recently been thinking I should stop using face wipes, at least on my eyes. I tend to be heavy handed and rub my lashes quite a bit, so this arrived at the right time for me to try out.


Philosophy Purity Face Wash: I know that I lot of people love this brand, but unfortunately I am not one of them. This cleanser does not agree with me, so it will be swapped. I am sure I will have no problem finding a happy taker!


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream: I am always looking for that holy grail moisturizer, so this is the product I am most looking forward to trying. I don't believe I have tried any PTR products yet. Anything that promises 72 hours of hydration sounds intriguing to me!


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: This is a sub box staple! It is also a holy grail product, so I will certainly use this right up. I love the consistency of this product. I do have other favorite primers that I re-purchase, but seriously, I adore getting samples of this, especially for travel.


Makeup Forever Aqua XL Extra Long lasting Waterproof Eyeliner: I received this in black, swatched below. This is a eyeliner with a gel-like texture. I used it in my waterline and it did NOT budge! I will try it a few more times before I commit and re-purchase, but so far, so good.


There is also a Miu Miu perfume sample, but apparently I forgot to take a solo picture. I am pleased with this month's box but not super excited. I do like trying new basics that I use daily, like black eyeliner and moisturizer, in the hopes of finding that new holy grail item. I will swap the cleanser, but I don't mind receiving it as I know it is a hit for many. All in all, another good box! Looking forward to May already!

Do you get this sub? Did you get anything different?


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mani Round Up: April 18, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a mix of colors and brands that I wore last week. Let's check them out!

Hare Polish Washed Ashore: As I mentioned last time I featured a Hare Polish, I commented how much I missed this brand. Washed Ashore makes me reiterate everything I mentioned before x 10! I love this polish. It's got a beigey-peach base with silver, light blue, and grey sparkles. This is three coats and topcoat.


China Glaze Ahoy!: I truly love this color. It is a magenta base with thick glitters. The glitter is monotone and matches the base perfectly, so the glitter is subtle but there - very much there in the right light. This does have more of a jelly base, though, so I did three thin coats and topcoat.


China Glaze Don't Mesa With My Heart: So, I wanted a pink polish. But not a Barbie pink, not a petal pink, just a pretty PINK pink. Does that make sense? Don't Mesa With My Heart was exactly the color I had in mind. This is two perfect coats with topcoat, no application issues at all.


Zoya Meadow: The only metallicy polish that I truly love is Meadow. Be careful with the brush strokes and you can manage to make them look pretty straight and streak-free. I love the finished color - it has a gorgeous pink to gold shift that just shines in the light.


Essie Barefoot & Topless: One of my favorites! This is in constant pedicure rotation. It is perfect in two coats and compliments my skintone so very well. If you're in the market for an amazing neutral, I highly recommend this beauty.


I am also missing on photo - Essie Butler, Please, which I wore for Easter Sunday. It chipped, after washing dishes, and I just couldn't post a chipped pic on my blog!

That's it for this week.


PS: If you didn't see yesterday's post, I am having a LuLaRoe party tonight on Facebook! If we aren't FB friends, and you want to join me, please send a message to my FB page: and I'll send you the link!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Join Me For My LuLaRoe Party 4/18/17 On Facebook!!

Facebook Cover

Until about two months ago, I didn't own a single pair of leggings. As of today, more than I want to admit! LuLaRoe clothing is seriously SO comfy - and I finally took the chance to host an online party!

  • Date: April 18, 2017
  • Time: 8p EST
  • Location: YOUR house and your computer!
I want to invite you!


Please message me on my blog page - and I'll send you an invite!


If you're unfamiliar, LLR clothing has been super trendy lately. There are leggings - like my uhh collection above, dresses, cardigans, and tunic style t-shirts for letting your style show while covering your assets. The clothing does come in solid colors, but it is more known for bold, fun, bright patterns. Mix your patterns or incorporate something FUN into your usual routine!

Shop from home and come party with me and see pretty stuff!

Here is my FIRST pair of LLR leggings. This is how it all got started!


This is my favorite pair:


And I love the dresses! This style is called a Carly:


 Again, just message my blog page (and LIKE my page, please!) and I'll send you an invite! There is def NO obligation to buy anything - just come browse and see if pattern calls your name!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mask of the Week: Beyond Herb Garden Peony Mask

Another week, another My FaceTory mask!

This week I tried the Beyond Herb Garden Peony Mask, which focuses on radiance. Who does not want brighter, happier, glowy skin!?


Confession: I am a dork. I actually screen shotted and cropped this picture and it is now the background on my phone. It's so pretty!


Ohhhh, man. This smells SO nice! It's fresh and pretty and if "pink" had a smell, this would be it. Just girly and pleasant, right up my alley.

I forgot to take a picture with the mask on, but I did take goofy before and afters. Both have my phones "you wish your skin looked like this filter" LOL.


I swear, same lighting and same filter! Maybe the sun moved though, because I def look way brighter and more radiant in the After pic, but isn't that the point!? My skin stayed brighter for hours - I used the extra essence on my neck, chest, and arms, and all of me was SO soft and visibly glowing.

In conclusion, I LOVED this mask! Def my favorite FaceTory mask so far!

Have you used this brand? Thoughts?


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mani Round Up - April 11, 2017

Happy Tuesday!  Is Tuesday the toughest day of the week for anyone else? I feel fine about a Monday - I've had a couple days off, I'm ready to get back to my job, and Mondays are usually SO busy that they fly by. When you wake up Tuesday, it's like oh.hai.Tuesday.... Writing this weekly post does make my Tuesdays a little better and I hope you enjoy them, too.

Alessandro International Peppermint Patty: I received this polish in a goodie bag in 2014 or 2015 when I went to a Nail Tech Convention on Long Island. I am not a nail tech, but my friend Sam - aka A Girl Obsessed polish - is, so I got to go with her. I love this polish!! This is two perfect coats and topcoat. The name doesn't match the polish to me, but with a creamy formula for a pastel, who cares that the name is?!


Liquid Sky Lacquer TGIF over Alessandro International Peppermint Patty: I loved the look of PP so much that I decided to throw a glitter topper on and wear it longer. I picked up TGIF by Liquid Sky Lacquer, which is a gorgeous mix of hex, squares, and mini glitters in a white base. This polish is literally Friday in a bottle, LOL. This is one coat, not dabbed, but just brushed on slowly to encourage the littlest glitters, with topcoat.


Macro!! I couldn't resist. My nails look like Easter!


Liquid Sky Lacquer Head To The Bahamas: I was feelin' Liquid Sky Lacquer but wanted a neutral, palate cleanser mani, so I grabbed HTTB. I used three coats, as it is sheer, and topcoat. Everyone NEEDS this polish, it's just so pretty. Neutral and stunning at the same time!




OPI Super Cute in Pink: I think I am feeling springy! I reached for a lot of brights last week! SCiP is, obviously, from the Helly Kitty collab. This is the creamiest polish!! It's practically a one coater but I used two here, with topcoat.


Macro to check out the flawless formula:


Sinful Colors Desert Reign: this is from the new Stoned Crystal Shimmer line for Spring 2017.  I have seen a few IG posts of this color and I had to have it! I don't find the other colors in this collection as unique as this mauvey purple. This is three thin coats with topcoat. Pretty!


Last macro! This is just too pretty, especially for a $2 mainstream polish, not to share. The formula is great, too.


That's it for this week! What was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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