Monday, March 6, 2017

Zoya Charming - Spring 2017 Collection!

Since Zoya has released it's spring collection, that must mean warmer weather is also on the way, right?!

You already know I am all about pastels and brights, so spring and summer collections are always my favorites. This spring, Zoya has released a 6-piece collection called Charming, with 3 cremes and 3 "micro-sparkles," per Zoya - including 1 polish named after me (wishful thinking) - Lacey!!

Group shot:


Zoya Amira: This is my standout favorite! Look at that macro! The micro-glitter is almost coppery in color, making it standout against the blue background. If you're not careful, you may get lines in your finish, like you can see on my middle finger, but careful application is worth it. This is three thin coats.



Zoya Lacey: Ta-da! I am so psyched to finally see a Lacey polish. Julep also has one, which is a streaky royal metallic blue, so this is much, much better. Though I still wish it were pink! This applies the same as Amira, thin but buildable and opaque in three coats.



Zoya Millie: I don't think the micro-glitter finish works as well with Millie, a jewel toned fuchsia. This is just two coats, and it did seem a little thicker than the more pastel colors. I do love the macro, though.



Zoya Tina: This polish is a medium purple creme, perfect in two coats. Great Easter color!



Zoya Jordan: My go-to, any time of year, mani is to reach for a Zoya neutral or pink. I know I will reach for Jordan over and over and over...and it's already on my toes! This isn't the most original baby pink polish, but it's perfect in two coats and just a classic spring color.



Zoya Abby: Last but not least, Zoya Abbey is another perfect pastel. It is a cool neutral lavender that will look great on everyone. This is perfect in two coats, too.



There you have it! I actually love all of these, but I have to say that my somewhat surprising favorite from this collection is Amira! Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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