Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mask of the Week: SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask and Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum

Woo-hoo! It's Sunday, which means it is time for the Mask of the Week post!

I am now a subscriber to My FaceTory, which is a monthly subscription mask service that specializes in Korean and Asian beauty. I get the smaller package, which is 4 masks and just $6 per month! I have reviewed them on the site and will continue to do so each month!

This week's mask came from my first FaceTory package. I love coconut, so I was really excited to try the SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask. I have also been focusing on incorporating serums into my routine. The Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum suggests dotting in a few drops before and after face mask use to enhance the benefits, so I have been using one sample package per masking session.


Here is more info about each:



So I used a few drops of the Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum on my clean, bare skin. Literally, a few drops will do it! The serum is quite silky and absorbs quite well. I let that dry, then used my sheet mask.

The SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask is full of essence, or in layman's terms, super slimy!! I kept patting my face and rubbing the excess into my cuticles, on my hands, on my feet, on my just kept coming, LOL. The mask itself was very thin to the touch and therefore easy to smooth over the face. Some sheet masks can be fairly stiff and hard to shape, but this one was comfortable and easy to wear.


See? Hardly any gaping! After I removed the mask, rubbed in the excess serum and let my skin dry, I added a couple more drops of the Purito Vitamin C Serum, then added moisturizer on top. My skin felt SO soft!! Even the stubborn dry spot on my nose was happier than normal.

In conclusion, I am a huge fan of the SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask! I loved the scent, the fit of the mask itself, and what it did to my skin. I hope to try other products from SNP through my FaceTory subscription.

Have you tried this brand? What do you think?


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