Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mani Round Up - 3/14/17

I tried to make up to you this week with a few more nail looks for you!


Zoya Wednesday: I wore this last Wednesday, LOL. If I can't match it to my sweater, might as well match it to the day of the week! This dusty aqua is so pretty on the nail, even if it doesn't look special in the bottle. Two coats, topcoat, done.


Salon Perfect Traffic Cone: has there ever been a more appropriately named polish?! No, there has not. This is about 10x brighter in real life. You only need two coats, which is great for a neon. I love, love, love this polish! I wear it on Mondays for a pick-me-up!

Below is Traffic Cone and my (ugliest) LuLaRoe leggings...80's party!


Sation Down and Dirty Flirty: I was looking for a neutral polish that I haven't touched in a while (read: not Zoya), so I grabbed this one by Sation. I think this brand is SO underrated! This is two perfect coats with topcoat.


Sation Down and Dirty Flirty and Essie Petal Pink: have you seen the new Rose Quartz nail trend? Well, this isn't a good example, but I tried! LOL. I added Essie Petal Pink over the Sation polish, then added white stripes and a matte topcoat.

Next time I will do a few things different. I need much finer lines to represent the lines in the stones, and I think I'd take remover and sort of buff it in a few places to make the finish look more natural and uneven.


It just so happened I had a rose quartz rock on my bookshelf. My mani isn't great, but it isn't awful, either. It's a full-on Monet - from far away it looks OK but up close it's a big old mess! (5 points if you can name that movie reference).


Zoya Storm: Storm is the only backup of a Zoya polish I have ever purchased, and for good reason, too. Look at that holo sparkle! This is two coats with topcoat.


Color Club The Uptown and Zoya Storm: if you can find The Uptown, get it! It is flaky heaven!! Just look at bottle I am holding and check out the maroon to yellow to green to purple shift. Amazing! Why don't I use this more? I added two coats on top of Storm and I love how you can see the holo peeking from under the flakes.


Close up required!!


Phew! This week in review was much better than last week! Which look do you like best?


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