Thursday, March 9, 2017

February 2017 Favorites and Fails!

*Sorry this is so late, but I really wanted to sneak in the new Zoya collection first!!

Even though February is the shortest month, I have a bunch of products that I have loved, few I decided that I hate and am literally throwing out, and plenty of empties in my next post.

Let's jump right in!


First, I have been checking out Korean (and in general, Asian) skincare and makeup more and more. Of particular popularity is anything that comes in a "cushion" compact, so when I saw that Wet&Wild was making a cushion product, I was excited to try it. I picked up this "Contour" shade - Cafe Au Slay! - and have been using it pretty much daily.


It is smaller than palm size and is a pretty simple container...more about the container in my Fails! section - so you can see where this is going. You use the enclosed puff to tap into the cushion. The harder you press, the more product you pick up. You truly need a very gentle hand with this, as the contour color is quite pigmented. I also picked up the highlight version and I like that, too, but I always reach for a bronzer more.


Bliss That's Incredi-Peel is a product I tried for free at my Ulta since they were out of the item that the coupon I had was actually giving away. Best switcharoo ever! These pads, which can be cut into two to double your money, is tingly and works to re-surface your skin. You cleanse first, swipe one of these over your entire face, wait while it dries, then apply moisturizer. I swear, my skin is looking fab these days!


Perhaps my skin is also looking great thanks to another favorite - the Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack. First, let's talk about the packaging! It looks like a little bubble tea glass! I will admit, that is what sold me, LOL. No shame in my love of cute packaging game! I apply this nightly before I go to bed. It has a cool gel consistency and works to refresh my skin overnight.


These little balls, faux looking boba, are for extra moisturizing..and they are SO cute. Use the enclosed scoop (not pictured) to fish out a couple and squish them in your palm. Apply all over your face and neck!


Brushes! I used to be a no-brush, only-fingers makeup girl, but lately I am obsessed with blushes and needed a few decent brushes. I heard some great things about the new white handled, pink tipped wet & wild brushes, so I picked up the angled face brush and all over face brush. I also snagged an all over face brush from e.l.f., which I love.


My favorite is the angled brush for blush and contour. I use this literally It is so soft and diffuses the colors so well.


This amazing Becca Blush Palette is my first item from Becca! I am not a highlighter girl so I never got into that trend, but these blushes are so gorgeous, and varied!, that I splurged. The palette itself looks luxe...


And the colors inside are SO pretty! Left to right, the colors are: Wisteria - Songbird - SnapDragon. I highly recommend this palette, especially if you don't have a crazy arsenal of blushes already. I swatched them to show you how different they are, below.


Gorgeous! This is just one swipe of color on bare skin. Do not use a heavy hand with these! I use my Wet&Wild angled brush for exact application.


Last but not least, the LUSH Kitchen Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner tub needs to be big enough that I can live in it. If you're a nail person, you've used Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream. Take that smell and put it in a lotion. YASSSS. Body conditioners are meant to take the place of post shower lotion application. Wash your body, then apply this body conditioner, and rinse quickly, before hopping out of the shower. I loved this so much I bought a backup.



Alright, time for the fails portion of the program. I have three face items for you. Two are legit getting thrown out.


You saw the Wet & Wild Cushion above...and here, too! While I love the product, and the cushion concept, this package itself is not conducive to the cushion concept. You have to screw the top off, then take off the little protective plastic piece, which constantly has fluid stuck to it. It's messy! Re-do needed, W&W!

Super 79 BB Cream and NYX NoFilter Finishing Powders: both are just the wrong color for me. The BB cream has way too much whitening product, causing me to look a kin to Casper, the the NYX powder is so grossly thick that I look like a parody of myself. No thanks.


Alright, my dears, that is it for this month. Have you tried any of these items? What do you think?


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