Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shelby & Too Faced Melted Matte Queen B

This is my sweet girl, Shelby. She's a rescue who I got in 2010 from the Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas. She's my very best friend.

Every day after work, as you can see here, I get 592 kisses...that's a low estimate, too.  At exactly 5:05pm, we have "cuddles" where we jump on my (our) bed and I get kisses and she gets a belly rub before we go for a w-a-l-k.

Oh, and those are my collection of Lula leggings behind us, LOL, hang to dry or you'll be sad!


One particular day, I noticed a weird pink smudge on her after I got a million kisses... It was my lipstick! How cute is that Too Faced Melted Matte Queen B smudge on her lip?!

I just had to share!


Lacey (and Shelby)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mani Round Up - 3/28/2017

Muh muh muh muh....MANICURE ROUND UP! Hopefully you just read that with a drumroll-esque tone...if not, go ahead and re-read. I'll wait.

Another Tuesday and another set of manis! Let's check 'em out.

China Glaze In A Lily Bit: I truly appreciate a pastel without a streakiness issue. In a Lily Bit is a touch more lavender than it appears here. The first coat, as expected, was streaky but only a second coat is needed to fix it up. Topped with HK Girl topcoat, of course.


Literary Lacquers Gulf Coast Twilight over China Glaze In A Lily Bit: I need to get more into my indie stash, so I immediately went to my Literary Lacquers drawer. This pretty polish was part of a duo with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer, was drink inspired, and even came with cute decals. I just needed one coat over IALB to get the holo bling you see here.



Azature Rose Diamond: another forgotten fave! I love how vibrant this color is - and the formula, wowza! It's practically a one coater!


China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely: as you may know, I recently, thank the gods, got a new phone. We are still get used to one another, especially in the camera department. Neons, for example, still freak the camera out and I really have to talk it off the ledge before we get a few good photos. Needless to say, Thistle is actually way brighter and a lot more orangey/coraly tinted. This is three coats and topcoat.


Zoya Jordan: I have already proclaimed this to my be summer pedi color. It is such a pretty and wearable pink. I bet it would look amazing on everyone! This is two coats with HK Girl topcoat. Expect to see this color on the blog approximately 4,963 more times.


Zoya Jordan with decals: I have no idea where these decals came from, so I can't properly credit them. It is a full sheet of tiny gold colored decals, ranging from princess crowns to crosses. They were not a great quality product, however, and easily ripped when I tried to grab them using tweezers. I wouldn't recommend them so no biggie to not remembering the brand!


Illamasqua Scarce: nothing feels more like Easter on your nails to me than this color! Even my co-workers asked if it was a speckle polish on top of a creme and I said NOPE! It's an all-in-one! This is three thin coats with HK Girl topcoat.


Model City Polish Dipping Chocolate: is this not the prettiest brown polish you have ever seen? Yes, yes it is. This is one thin coat over a brown creme. Hello, holo! Just gorgeous!


Alright, that's it for this week! I did much better in the mani department than last week. Woohoo!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mask of the Week: SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask and Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum

Woo-hoo! It's Sunday, which means it is time for the Mask of the Week post!

I am now a subscriber to My FaceTory, which is a monthly subscription mask service that specializes in Korean and Asian beauty. I get the smaller package, which is 4 masks and just $6 per month! I have reviewed them on the site and will continue to do so each month!

This week's mask came from my first FaceTory package. I love coconut, so I was really excited to try the SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask. I have also been focusing on incorporating serums into my routine. The Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum suggests dotting in a few drops before and after face mask use to enhance the benefits, so I have been using one sample package per masking session.


Here is more info about each:



So I used a few drops of the Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum on my clean, bare skin. Literally, a few drops will do it! The serum is quite silky and absorbs quite well. I let that dry, then used my sheet mask.

The SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask is full of essence, or in layman's terms, super slimy!! I kept patting my face and rubbing the excess into my cuticles, on my hands, on my feet, on my just kept coming, LOL. The mask itself was very thin to the touch and therefore easy to smooth over the face. Some sheet masks can be fairly stiff and hard to shape, but this one was comfortable and easy to wear.


See? Hardly any gaping! After I removed the mask, rubbed in the excess serum and let my skin dry, I added a couple more drops of the Purito Vitamin C Serum, then added moisturizer on top. My skin felt SO soft!! Even the stubborn dry spot on my nose was happier than normal.

In conclusion, I am a huge fan of the SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask! I loved the scent, the fit of the mask itself, and what it did to my skin. I hope to try other products from SNP through my FaceTory subscription.

Have you tried this brand? What do you think?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

FaceTory! March 2017 Review

To refresh, FaceTory is a Korean sheet mask subscription service. They have two plans, for either 4 or 7 masks and I receive the 4-mask sub which costs under $6 shipped monthly.

March was my second month with this sub and I must say, I am really enjoying it! Like February, the retail value of the mask equals my sub price, so I don't think this is a more-bang-for-your-buck sub. Instead, I rationalize it by thinking that I couldn't order each of these masks, shipped, for the price of the sub, so it's more like the access to the items that I am paying for, which is OK with me!

Here is what I received for March:


As usual, it arrived in a flat envelope with the logo:


The inside contains two cards, one with this month's theme and another with a list of the masks, their retail values, and their intended uses:



Let's take a look at each mask!



I am hoping this one is shaped like a Doctor's jacket, LOL.



I bet this one will smell amazing!



I love the packaging on this one, too. I am a sucker for interesting packaging.



So far, I have only tried the Lustre mask. In fact, I went full on mask crazy and used all of these at once:


Review coming separately so I can woo you back to my blog!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mani Round Up - 3/21/2017

Very short and sweet and neutral post today!

Zoya Melodie: I found this on a random polish blog in 2015 and soon discovered it had been disco'd in 2012. Amazon to the rescue! I found it at below retail, too, and I LOVE this color. Two coats and topcoat.


Zoya Melodie French Manicure: because I will never think of the french mani as "uncool."


Zoya Chantal: another perfect Zoya neutral! Two coats, done, perfect.


Sinful Colors Cinderella: If you love (ahem, collect and/or hoard) polish, you already own Cinderella. AmIRite? It does take three coats but it's 100% worth it.


More to come next week!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Sephora PLAY! March 2017

I am consistently thrilled with my Sephora PLAY! box. It has been a month after month home run for me. Let me show you what came in my March box:


As usual, it came in a signature Sephora stripe box, with the items enclosed in a printed fabric bag. On top, there is a fold-out brochure that describes the items inside and a card for 50 points to take to Sephora.

This month's theme is The Gleam Team, full of highlighters and brightening products.




If you subscribe, your contents will be different. I stopped looking at spoilers, personally, so I look forward to the surprise each month.


Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast: this is the only item of the month that I am hesitant about using. Dry shampoos never, ever, ever work well for me. However, I have tried a few other items from Living Proof, thanks to sub boxes, and I have really liked them, so I will give this a try.


Glam Glow GlowStarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer: Who is not excited to see a Glam Glow product in a sub box!? For years, I have been all about the matte, porcelain looking face, but lately, juuuust lately, I have been enjoying highlighter and brightening products. I sampled this on my hand - see the last pic of the post - and it even smells fantastic. Looking forward to this!


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink: This rose gold shadow is so pretty! I feel like they recently sent something super similar?? A Laura Mercier stick? I swatched it below.


Benefit Watts Up Cream to Powder Highlighter stick: How cool is this?! It's highlighter in a stick form! I was playing around with this on my hand and I am so excited for it! The color looks gorgeous on my skintone, swatched below on my arm, and I can imagine using this on my cheeks, along my hairline, and as an eyeshadow, too.


Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm: Ooh, I love Josie Maran products! I am thrilled to see this included. I was less thrilled to see how separated it was in the container...maybe because it has an oil base? Did anyone else receive one that was sort of chunky and separated in the pot?


As I was attempting to stir this back together, I wiped the excess from my toothpick on my cheek and holymoly - it feels like liquid velvet being applied to your skin. I can already tell I need a fullsize of this.


Swatch time! From top to bottom, Bobbi Brown Golden Pink eyeshadow, Benefit Watt's Up highlighters, GlamGlow moisturizer.


Last but not least, the perfume sample is Chloe. It smells beautiful!


That concludes my March box. Again, I am thrilled with the contents! Sephora PLAY! delivers high end brands all of the time - GlamGlow, Living Proof, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, and Josie Maran! I love how the items work together, too - an eyeshadow, a face moisturizer, an all over multi tasker, a product that is a primer or finishing balm and something for hair, too.

Also, I think this is the first month we didn't get a Sephora house brand product, too, but that is in no way meant to be a complaint but simply an observation.

What did you get in your Sephora PLAY! box this month?


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mask(s) of the Week: Pig-Nose Black Head System, Spa Life Collagen Lip Mask, and SOO AE Collagen Essence Mask

Jeez - that's quite the title! And it matches my epic masking experience - 3 masks at once time! Well, two times, but one sitting. Let me show you!

Here are the items I used:

  • Pig-Nose Black Head System, 
  • Spa Life Collagen Lip Mask, and 
  • SOO AE Collagen Essence Mask


I picked up the 3-step system from Ulta (I think), the Spa Life Lip masks from TJ Maxx (I swear I just wrote TJ Mask), and the sheet mask from a swap.


Round 1: Blackhead removal and lip mask!

I must admit, I had not tried a blackhead removal mask before I got this product. I didn't think I had blackheads, and I was validated to find out, after removing the second step, that I really don't have that issue. Score!


Lip masks look silly as hell and leave you speechless and immobile, due to their jelly wiggly nature. I have been wearing matte lippies constantly, and I already had something stuck to my nose, so why not make it look even worse? As you can see below...


Hahahahahaaaaaa! Awesome, right?! My skin looks pretty fab here, actually, thanks to my new phone's filter. I call it the "you wish your skin looked like that!" filter.


It was time for some soothing and smoothing hydration after ripping the skin off my nose, so I finished with the SOO AE Collagen Essence mask. The fit, as you can see, leaves a bit to be desired. Apparently I have a small face, which is something I have never considered before. Eh, it could be worse, right?


I didn't find anything extra special about the SOO AE mask. It was quite soothing and had a lot of leftover essence to use on my hands and feet, which I appreciate. It was the perfect pick to use after something stripping, like a nose mask for blackhead removal. I would not go out of my way to repurchase, but I would swap for it again!

Have you tried any of these brands or similar products?


March 2019: Empties & Tossed Report

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