Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nail Art - Striping Tape Mani How To

I am all about nail art that looks like it took forever to do - or, even better, looks like it was done at the salon. For New Year's Eve I decided to do a really glitzy striping tape manicure, but I usually store glittery manis away for special occasions. I wanted to use the striping tape for a neutral, every day but elevated mani, and I really love how it turned out!

Here is the finished product!


Isn't that cute? It's like a twist on a french manicure. And it's SO easy! First, I painted my nails with two coats of Sinful Colors White on White and let them dry.

TIP: Really let your nails dry. Like, overnight, if you can. I actually painted the white, topcoated, then did something else for a half hour, then went back to my mani. If your nails aren't fully dry, the striping tape is going to pull up your base color.

I added three strips of tape to each nail. Because I wanted a modern french tip look, I did one horizontally towards the free edge of the nail and placed the others randomly.

I used my go to neutral favorite, Prelude to a Kiss by Orly, for the second color. It gets messy!


Let that dry just a bit, then peel up your tape pieces. Top coat everything and you're done!

TIP: Two layers of topcoat will get into the grooves you have just made for a smoother finish.



That is it! What do you think of this mani?


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