Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mani Round Up - 2/21/2017

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Each week, I find myself trying to do something more creative with my nails so I have something to show on this post.


Zoya August: After a week of sparkly Valentine's manis, I was ready for a palette cleanser. Zoya August is a cement gray one coat creme polish. Grey is a modern twist on a neutral mani - I bet this would be allowed in fairly conservative dress environments, and it looks grey-t (ha!) on every skin tone.


Zoya August, Gabrielle Nail Lacquer Pastel Aqua, China Glaze White on White, Salon Perfect Corpses Bride, Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair: I have time to do something fun to my nails on Mondays when I am enjoying my guilty pleasure, WWE wrestling, LOL. I used stripey nail tape to make one vertical and two half randomly placed horizontal lines, all over a base of Zoya August from the day before.


OPI Infinite Shine You Can Count On It: Another need for a palette cleanser after that color block mani! This is the perfect warmed up my skin but better tone with a hint of bright for a fresh and clean look. I used three thin coats of polish - the polish itself is thin and a smidge runny. Wipe off the brush or risk some pooling.


China Glaze Shocking Pink (Neon): Cell phone cameras do not treat neons well. I think that is pretty much the case across the board for bloggers.  Here is another pic:


Same polish, I swear! Honestly, neither shot is that color accurate, but I refuse to doctor my photos... #sorrynotsorry. This is more of a bubblegum pastel pink color. Because it is both pastel and neon, it applies very streaky. Even with three coats, it could have used another, but three is my limit. I can see imperfections in the application even with two layers of topcoat.

That's it for this week! What was your favorite polish from this week?


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