Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mani Round Up - 2/14/17

It has been a busy week on my nails!! I have a handful of photos for you, ending with, of course, a Valentine's Day mani!

Here we go!


OPI DS Original: This is, in my opinion, the OG of mainstream holo polishes. I have had this for years and it is still beautiful. It has a thin formula, which is pretty much the only fault it has, so I did use three coats for this mani,


China Glaze I'll Pink To That: I am such a fan of the formula that China Glaze has perfected for its bright pink polishes. If I reach for this shade range, which I do quite often, 9 out of 10 times I will pick a China Glaze color. This is two perfect coats.


Lynderella Nosegay: Thanks to this post, I am reaching for polish more than usual. Once in a while, a color pops into my head and I go for it - this was such a color selection. I forgot how much I love this! It has a pretty simple mix of various purple glitters, including squares, a few dark purple hex, and some fine purple micro glitter, but I just love it.



Zoya Cala: I liked this color much better when I had a remnant summer tan in early fall when I first swatched this. The formula is your typical Zoya creme - 3 thin coats or 2 thicker, and it self levels and dries quickly. The color, however, doesn't do it for me. So....

Zoya Chloe: ...so I broke out Zoya Chloe! I think this was discontinued, because I recall seeing it sell for $30 and up per bottle. I kept mine, obviously, but now I am wondering why I did! LOL. It is a pink tinted flaky topper. I used three coats and it still didn't look much different. Maybe it's time to ebay this baby?


Zoya Sweet, Zoya Alicia, Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, Orly This Gown Needs A Crown: Last but not least, let me with you a happy Valentine's Day with this seasonally appropo mani!

  • I began with white, Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, on my middle and ring fingers. I let that dry. 
  • While they dried, I painted Zoya Sweet on my pinkies, pointers, and thumbs.  
  • On my middle finger, I did a coat of Orly My Gown Needs A Crown and topped with Zoya Alicia for a little holo effect. 
  • On my ring fingers, I used striping tape for the horizontal lines and added stripes of Sweet and My Gown Needs A Crown. I topped my ring fingers with a heart glitter in pink. 
  • I finished off the look with HK Girl topcoat.


I had to end this post with a closeup of my ring finger design - isn't that sweet? I am really happy with how this design came out!

Did you do a Valentine's mani? What has been on your nails this week?


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