Thursday, January 12, 2017

Zoya Naturel - 3

Neutral Zoya polishes have a special place in my heart and collection.

There is nothing better than the effortless polished look of a neutral creme polish, and no one does the formula better than Zoya.

Today I have a review of the 6 new colors in the Naturel 3 collection. This is meant to be a transitional collection, cleansing the palette between rich, dark winter colors and upcoming neutrals, pastels, and lighter shades in spring. I think the palette is also supposed to be skin toned color, varying in shades to compliment everyone.



I am going to go with descriptions from the Zoya site since these shades are quite nuanced. Gina is the brownest of the bunch, described as a medium brown neutral creme. This is opaque in two coats.



Debbie is a "plum brown" creme polish that is opaque in two coats as well. It has a strong fall feel to it with the deep purple tone. So pretty!



Mary is a "medium raisin" creme polish that is also opaque in two coats. See the theme yet? Zoya is so consistent with it's quality! Mary is my favorite of the three darker shades.


Here are Debbie, Gina, and Mary compared, in that order.



I love a mauve creme polish. Jill is a "lighter mauve" polish with a perfect formula. This is such a great, transitional shade for me.



Cathy is a light "pinky nude" creme that also has a great formula. The more pastel a color is, the streakier it may be, but Zoya does it right every time! I used this one for a full manicure when I swatched the collection.



Tatum is a "medium light nude" creme, which makes me laugh because what the hell kind of color does medium light even mean? I am cracking up here. This is a bone shade, in my opinion, and pretty but it makes my hands look wicked pale.

There you have it! My favorites are Jill and Cathy. Which do you like the best?


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