Thursday, January 26, 2017

Second Look Post: Yves Saint Laurent - Rose Romantique

Today I have a Second Look post for you, which means I have featured the polish before, but perhaps forgot about it. I decided to use it again and feature it again.  Have my feelings changed? Stayed the same? Let's see!


Today's post is Rose Romantique from YSL...well, SL now. I have had this polish for about 3 years. It was gifted to me (as it is waaaay out of my polish price range) and is one of my few higher-end polishes.


One thing I forgot about this polish was how much I liked the brush! Look at how wide and flat it is! This makes application a total breeze. It's like the Nina Pro brush, if you've used that brand.

20160818_214510 for the polish itself...

Sigh. Fail. No wonder I haven't used this!

I wanted something for my August vacation to Cape Cod that was pretty, dainty, and lightly colored enough that if it chipped (while I was petting whales on my whale watch...) that the chips wouldn't be super obvious. I thought RR was the perfect choice.


Welcome to Streak City, population of 1. LAME.


Is this meant to be a French Mani base only? Should I use more than the three coats I used here!?


Is it because my nails aren't a pearly white? Do I need a white base?!


What is going on!?

Honestly, I expected more from such a high end brand.  When I applied the first coat, memories of streakiness came flooding back and I remembered why this baby wasn't living on my Favorites Shelf. Womp, womp. Back into the dark, dingy melmer it goes.

Have you tried any YSL polishes? Your thoughts?


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