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My Boyfriend Hates Makeup's 2016 Favorites!


I hope January has been great for you so far. It has taken me a few days to assemble my favorite beauty products from 2016, but here it is!

This is a fairly haphazard end-of-year post. It is NOT limited to items released in 2016, though it does contain a few releases from this year. It is NOT limited to products that are new to me - some have been in my rotation for well over a year, hence their inclusion here. A few are my holy grail items, and of course, I'll tell you about that, too.  Basically, this is a conglomeration of stuff I loved in 2016 and picked up over and over again.



Blue Ribbon/Favorite New To Me Product in 2016/Holy Grail: Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer 

We must start with the Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer. There is nothing better! I  actually saw this in a random Allure click-bait article 'sponsored' on Facebook. I love primers, as you may know, so I decided to try this. At the same time, I was also using a Benefit Mattifying Gel primer, and really disliking it, so I was in the market for a replacement. I swear, I will never purchase another primer again. This stuff is made from the dew on angel's wings, harvested on a clear spring morning. Not even kidding.

You only need the smallest touch of this product. Spread it on before BB Cream or liquid foundation for the most perfect, pore-free base.  This is, hands down, my newest, favoritest thing ever.


Since this has been mostly a polish blog, let's talk polish right up front.  I had a lot going on in 2016, so I am sorry to say, it wasn't my strongest year of blogging. I lost touch with some indie companies that I hope to rekindle with very soon.  In the meantime, a few of my favorites include:

Favorite Nail Polishes and Brands in 2016:

  • Favorite Mainstream Polish Orly Prelude for a Kiss: this has been a favorite for years. It is my go-to, perfect shade, always appropriate polish.

  • Favorite Non-US Indie Brand Glam Polish: This brand, created in AU but easy to purchase in the US, is constantly coming up with beautiful colors and clever collection names. The quality is always spot on. (The one in the photo is called Tiny Dancer, it is not a new-for-2016 color).

  • Favorite US Indie Brand: Literary Lacquers: Pretty sure Literary Lacquers is my favorite indie brand FOR LIFE. No one does holos better than Amy. (Flopsy, released in 2016, is a fabulous magenta with glass flecks).
Favorite Lip Trend: MATTE!

Though I was hesitant to try it (partly because I had a lipstick hating boyfriend - uh, byebye), once I embraced matte lips in the summer of 2016, I never looked back. The company that I fell in love with, due to their amazing selection of matte and satin finish lippies is...of course...

Favorite Brand of 2016: ColourPop!

Favorite Liquid Lipsticks of 2016: ColourPop!

If you are not familiar with ColourPop, go tuck away your wallet before you keep reading!

ColourPop is an amaaazing company with most products $8 and under. While they do sell fabulous creamy eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and brow products, the real stand outs for me are the lippiiiiiiies.


I do not want to admit how much money I've spent on CP products, but here are a few of my favorites, covering the different formulas. The list of names is from the top down in both the photo above and the swatch photos below.

  • Times Square: released in 2016, an Ultra Matte liquid.
  • Tiny Chum: released in 2016, an Ultra Satin finish and part of the Hello Kitty collaboration.
  • Viper: an Ultra Matte released in fall 2016.
  • Cami: Matte X formulas are my favorite! Must collect them all.
  • Poppin': this was released as a limited edition a few years ago. The pink packaging is awesome and the formula is perfect - matte without being hydrating.


Even the ColourPop packing is adorable. I love little details like this.


Honorable Mentions - Almost Favorite Matte Liquid Lippies:
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dusty Rose Liquid Lipstick: everything I try from this brand, I love. Though a touch darker than I'd prefer, this is the perfect rose shade for daytime.
  • Too Faced Melted Matte Queen B: though I am not a fan of the original 'melted' liquid lipstick from this brand, I adore the formula of the matte version.



Favorite Lip Balms of 2016:

I must have over 200 different lipbalms, scrubs, and treatments. This is a seriously wasteful obsession, and I really only gravitate towards a dozen items or so. I plan to put a No Buy on myself in the lip product department in 2017!  A few of my favorites from 2016, that I grabbed over and over again, include:

  • Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub Lip Balm in Sweet Rose: this is a dual sided product with a sugar based scrub on one side and a tinted lip balm on the other. I treated myself to this product, which debuted in 2016, when I visited my friend Summer in NYC in May. Not only do I love the product and it's efficiency in my purse, this particular one has a memory attached that makes me love it more.

  • Dior Creme de Rose Soothing Balm: if you love lip balms and lightly rose scented products, this is worth the splurge, I promise.

  • Chopsaver Lip Care: created by musicians and intended to combat the dry lips of a brass instrument player, Chopsaver is the best plain lip balm that I have EVER tried. I first spotted it on Beauty By Krystal and have been loving it throughout 2016.



Favorite Eyeliner of 2016:

I feel incomplete without black eyeliner. I wear it on my waterline daily, and when I need to feel more dressed up, I add a thin line on my top lash line, too.

  • L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black: this is a gel pot liner that comes with a brush. I use this on my waterline or on the top lash line. It is highly pigmented, easy to control, and lasts all day.
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: I received this deluxe sample in a Sephora PLAY! box and instantly understood the hype surrounding this formula. This stuff doesn't move!


Favorite Mascara of 2016:

I feel like I have tried hundreds of mascara formulas over my makeup wearing lifetime. I have pretty decent lashes to begin with - thick, dark, and with an Elizabeth Taylor-esque double set of lashes behidn the main ones. I don't need to ask a ton from a mascara, so if it doesn't perform well on me, it's a dud. There are just two that I swear by and reach for every single day!
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock in Black: sadly, this has been discontinued. I am still posting it, since you can find it at TJ Maxx and random places like that. It is supposed to create weird, spiky lashes, which I believe is why it never got popular, but the wet formula can also spread well if you use a different brush.

  • Benefit Roller Lash: I didn't believe the hype until I tried this product and now I'll never go back. The curved brush has tiny bristles that make it easy to swipe product on your inner and outermost lashes, which widen the eye and give you a brighter look.


Favorite Face Wash in 2016: LUSH Cosmetics Ultrabland

I love this so much, I am even getting my boyfriend hooked! This is a creamy thick cleanser that is applied to a barely moist or dry face. You take a tiny bit of this and melt in your fingers, apply to your face, and then remove with a damp, warm wash cloth. I have repurchased this over and over again!


Favorite Eyebrow Products of 2016:

2016 was the year of the eyebrow! LOL. I jumped on the bandwagon for bold brows and found a couple products that I cannot live without.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe: another cult product that I totally agree with the hype that surrounds it. The only problem with this generous sized product is that it tends to get dry. Combat that with a drop of two of Argan oil and it is like brand new.
  • NYC Eyeliner/Eyebrow in Taupe: this is a miracle pencil. The price point cannot be beat, at 99c, and the taupe color is flattering to so many complexions. I am never without one and a backup to boot.


Favorite Body Lotion of 2016: LUSH Cosmetics Sleepy

Sigh. This was closely in the running for my favorite product of 2016. Lightly scented and tinted purple, this lavender scented cream is a dream. If you're a LUSH fan, you'll notice it has the same scent as the very popular Twilight range. It sinks in well, is super moisturizing, and just smells amazing.


Alright, that is it! I will continue to do my monthly faves, but I also wanted to give you a round up of my ultimate favorites. Have you tried any of these? Do you plan to try any now?


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