Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mani Round Up Post! Introduction To New Series!

Hello there, gorgeous reader.

Instead of pressuring myself to put out a daily post that may only have one polish, I have decided to create a weekly polish post called the Mani Round Up.  I will still dedicate solo posts to review items and I may spotlight some nail art or a special mani I've created, but for the most part, I will post a few photos of nail looks throughout the week and give a mini review as I go.  What do you think of that idea?

Reminder: I'll still posts current manicures on Instagram - Follow me HERE!

Since I took a blogging break from October - December, I have a lot of unpublished polish looks to share. I am going to post ten random manis that haven't been on the blog yet. I'll start the series with a post on Tuesday, and it will be Tuesdays from now on.


Barielle Cherish: this polish has become my go-to pastel pink. Cherish has such a creamy formula! It applies like a dream with zero streaking, even on the first coat. This is two coats, with topcoat. 


Zoya Blaze: the scattered holos from Zoya, like Blaze - shown here, Aurora, Dream, Payton and a few others, are among my favorite mainstream polishes. Storm, the black version of this polish, is the only 'backup' polish I have ever purchased.


Knockout Lacquer It's All Over: how can you not love a polish line inspired by MMA and generally kicking butt and feeling empowered? It's All Over is the cherry red holo that every polish lover needs to own.


ellagee Jewel Encrusted: by far, the sparkliest polish in my entire collection is Jewel Encrusted by ellagee. This polish honestly looks like you've dipped your hands into an old treasure chest. I sponge this on over a similar base, like a gold, for maximum BLING.


Barielle Falling Star: while most polishes have names that do not relate to their color, Barielle Falling Star is perfectly named. Opaque in two coats, this early night sky cobalt is sprinkled with bronze glitter that twinkle like stars. This was my first polish from Barielle and still a favorite.


butterLONDON Two Fingered Salute: I was unaware this was a Limited Edition polish until recently, so I am really happy to have it in my collection. Seafoam green with fine bronze glitter, this polish looks great all year long. Pardon the left hand swatch - I must've had a booboo on the right.


OPI Hey Baby: this polish, from the Gwen Stefani collab, is the perfect example of how can ordinary color can be extraordinary because of the formula. I declare that this is the best creme polish I have ever used. It's the self parking car of nail polishes. If you find it, buy it.


Zoya Dixie: if happiness came in the form of a color, it would be Zoya Dixie. This color cheers me up instantly. It is a one coater creme polish with a great formula.


China Glaze White on White: aren't all polish lovers constantly on the search for the perfect white creme polish? This one is pretty great. I added bornprettystore decals for a simple yet striking look.


bornprettystore decals and sealife stickers: I used pretty crappy nail wraps by bornprettystore as the base for this manicure. The pattern reminded me of a coral reef, which inspired me to pick up the sheet of marine life decals that have been in the bottom of my stash of decals for forever. Who puts seahorses on their nails? I've never had a reason to justify using these, LOL, so I just slapped them alllll over randomly for a full on under-the-sea mani.

And that's it! I actually like how readable this post is and the little quick recaps to go with them...but you be the judge! Tell me what you think of this style of post in the comments.


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