Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 2016 Likes & Dislikes

Welcome to the last Likes and Dislikes post of the year! Yes, it is January 3rd, LOL, I'm sorry. I had a great holiday season and hope you did, too. Ready to get into the new year, however.

I will get back to a more regular posting schedule soon, but I am still working out some ideas for consistent posting.

In the meantime, let's get to my favorite items and manicures from December!

My favorite manicures were:

  • butterLONDON Fiver
  • China Glaze Boho Blues
  • butterLONDON Two Fingered Salute
  • ellaGee Jewel Encrusted
  • OPI Hey Baby

In 2017, I plan to post most manicure photos on Instagram, and to do round-up type of posts of polish here.

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Time for beauty products!


As usual, I remained in my quest for the perfect primer and perfect matte finishing powder. Did I succeed in my quest? Let's find out!


Dry, winter skin is a huge issue for me. I tried Clinique Happy Gelato Cream in Bloom on a whim while at Ulta. It is a thick, heavy cream lotion that is lightly scented. There are two other scents as well. This is a heavier lotion to use at night, but it smells divine! I used this tub up in a month, so you'll see a review in the Empties Report, too.


Murad MattEffect Blotting Perfector is a cushion style compact - see below - that is for blotting over makeup on the go. The pink cushion is wet to the touch, feeling much more like a gel consistency than anything else. I love this and cannot wait to use it in warmer weather. The cold gel is a little jarring in cold weather.

Essense All About Matt is a finishing powder. I LOVE this stuff! And it is so affordable, I believe it was $5 or less at Ulta and does qualify for the coupons in the circular. I use my blush brush to apply this as a final step for a matte and polished look.



Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer is, hands down, my favorite product of 2016. I will do a more indepth post on this, too. I am just obsessed and my search for a perfect primer has ended. More on this soon!

Clinique Even Better is a medium to full coverage perfecting foundation. I go to the Old Saybrook Ulta and the woman who works as the Clinique brand specialist there is really awesome.


Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker is a new, unisex fragrance that is 100% more masculine than any scent I have ever used. It is a deep, alluring, sexy scent. I am usually all Britney Spears Fantasy over here, but something about Stash just seems to adult and modern for me. SJP is also my favorite celeb. Consider me sold.

ColourPop Cami is a lippie stix product in the Matte X formula. Matte X is my favorite formula by this brand because it is opaque in one swipe, so richly pigmented, but less drying than other varieties. It is swatched below.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry is a lightly tinted, highly moisturizing oil. I saw this on someone else's favorites post recently and decided to snap it up. I love a heavy lip oil for overnight use and waking up to pillow soft lips.


Here is Clarins Lip Oil and Cami from ColourPop swatched. That is one swipe of Cami!

Time for Dislikes!


For well over a year, my mascara commitment has been L'Oreal Miss Manga and Benefit Roller Lash. I am a huge mascara fan, though, so I still enjoy receiving them in sub boxes or from swaps. This month I received Too Faced Better Than Sex - a cult status product - and Clinique High Impact mascara samples. To be 100 with you, I hate both. Neither are high impact or create any sort of volume for me. I have pretty long lashes to begin with, so I am not asking much, but these are both failed for me,


In 2017, I am throwing out products that I have been hanging on to that just don't work for me. I have tried to use these bornprettystore decals over and over again. I've used different topcoats and basecoats, I've tried them on nude nails and cut them to use as accent pieces. They just do not work. They don't stick well, they bubble up, and they peel at the sides. The rest of the stickers I have are just getting thrown out.

That is it for this month!

Have you tried any of these products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Let me know!


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