Friday, December 23, 2016

Sephora PLAY! December 2016

December is almost over! Christmas is days away! Can you believe it?

My blog break is coming to an end, so I really need to put in some work and plan some weekly themes and posts. I know I'll continue to post my Sephora PLAY! box, press samples (and I am going to work on connecting with some product and makeup companies, in addition to polish), and my monthly likes/dislikes and empties. I've been checking out blogs that post daily and ones that post completely randomly - I think I like the consistency of knowing I can check back on a certain date and expect new content, so I think I will try to get back into a pretty consistent schedule of certain types of posts on certain days. Geez! Got me thinkin! Also look for a new look coming for the new year!

Anyway! Time to check out December's Sephora PLAY! box. It seems that there are now a few different versions of the boxes, instead of being one universal box that everyone received. If you receive the box, you can check your account for your orders to see the last few digits of your order number. Those correspond with the spoilers that float around about a week before the boxes are received. I like the surprise so I never check the spoilers, personally! :)  Do you?

Here is what I received this month:


Let's take a step back and see the bag itself, too. For the holiday season, they dressed up the bag, too. It's a formal pouch! This month's theme is Partygoers, because, of course it is.


Formal pouch!


I still long for a more multi-use and functional box, but these little sacks are perfect for bringing a few items to my nieces when I go visit.


First up, this is Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer by Makeup Forever. Primer is one of my favorite products. I love the silky texture of a primer and how it locks your foundation in place. I've also heard to use a primer at night, after your other skincare, to lock in the moisture to your skin. I am always 100% pumped when I spy a primer in a sub box.


Sigh. Dry shampoo just doesn't work for me. I feel like I've tried every brand - except this one! I refuse to purchase dry shampoos any longer, but this is another product that I love to get in Sub boxes.


Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara is described as a "Jet-black, kohl-pigmented mascara delivers high-impact volume with a smudge-free formula." I have been committed to Benefit's Roller Lash for over a year now. I recently tried Clinique's High Impact and Too Faced's much loved Better Than Sex mascara and hated BOTH of them, so I might just skip this one and swap it. Sorry, Bobbi.


Each month Sephora includes a product from it's own brand, and so far, I have liked each one!


This is the Cream Lip Stain, which I have tried before. It is matte-ish but goes on like a regular liquid lipstick. I don't find this formula drying at all.

And how freakin' adorable is this sample?


Here it is swatched on my hand:


And on me! I am working on making my hair blonder, so I think red lippies are looking better on me lately.


Last but not least, this month's PLAY! box contains a holy grail, much loved item in the beauty community. This is the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay. Other brands have attempted to duplicate this legendary setting spray, but none hold a candle to this one.


For your information...


And there we have it! As usual, I am loving everything in my PLAY! box. I cancelled everything except my PLAY! sub box but Sephora makes it worth it each month.


Do you subscribe to the PLAY! box? Did you get something different in yours? Leave me messages in the comments!


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  1. I got this same box. I never make any effort to find out ahead of time, it's nice to have the little surprise. It's my only sub at this point as well, I've just got so much stuff!!


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