Monday, December 19, 2016

November Favorites: Likes!

Yes, the dates are correct - I am posting my November Likes (and I totally forgot dislikes, or maybe didn't have any?!) on December 19th. The past few weeks have been insane! Once it hit the middle of the month, I was toying with the idea of skipping the Nov. post altogether, but instead, I will do a short November, then an epic December/End of the Year Favorites of 2016 post. What do you think?

Here are the items that I loved in November:


Mr. Sandman, from LUSH, is a lavender and heaven (my description, not LUSH's, LOL) powder. It suggests sprinkling it on yourself before going to bed, but I put it directly on my sheets and pillows. Smells SO good and is instantly relaxing. Necessity? No. Luxury? Oh, yeah. Will I repurchase as long as LUSH offers it? You betcha.


Benefit's recently launched line of brow products are 100% on my radar. Ka-Brow! is a pomade/gel like product in a little pot. The brush is attached to the pot as well. I am not a total fan of the short brush as I think it is harder to control, but the concept is fantastic.


Since I am an avid collector (read: hoarder) of lip balms, I rotate new products in and out of my purse (and desk drawers at work, nightstand, and coffee table at home) regularly. I recently grabbed my Australis Lip Treatment Trio and remembered how much I loved it. My AU pal, Leeanne, gifted this to me. The green is a gentle but effective exfoliator, the white is a thick cream balm with a cool frosting-like consistency, and the pink is a lip gloss with the lightest hint of color. This replaced 3 other items I usually schlep around, so bonus points for sleekness.


Too Faced's Melted Liquid lipstick line is all over every beauty blog lately, and for good reason. I picked up Queen B and could instantly tell the difference between this brand and a much less expensive brand (that I love and will continue to buy from, I'm just sayin!!) that is quite popular right now. Queen B is a purple toned neutral on me - but it looks JUST like the color you see here. It does not change over time on me...


Here is Ka-Brow #3 (there are no names, just numbers 1-5 with one being lightest and 5 being darkest) and Queen B:


That's it for this month...well, 6 weeks, LOL. I will make it up to you in December! I have been taking notes for my end of the year post for weeks now, and I really hope to set the tone and step it up for 2017 (in all aspects of my life!) for you.


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