Friday, November 4, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Collection: Holiday 2016

Happy Friday!  Today I have Zoya's latest collection, Enchanted, to show you. This is a 6 piece collection consisting of 4 Pixie Dust polishes and 2 "Color-Flip" polishes. I actually love all 6! Let's get right to them.

First, here are the Pixie Dust polishes, Zoya's matte-sparkle textured formula.


I am going to show you in the same order as this photo. Waverly is a gorgeous royal blue, I am SO sorry about this photo! For some reason, the pic cut off and I have NO other full hand poses of this polish. My apologies!


I used two coats for the swatches you see here, Pixies are meant to be used topcoat free for the textured effect. They dry quickly so act fast! This color is regal and stunning.


I love shiny polish. I couldn't help myself. I took a topcoated macro to show you for each of the 4 Pixies.


Alice is a periwinkle Pixie that has a lilac sparkle to it. I love this one! This is two coats and no topcoat. Such a great color.



I love this even more with topcoat!


Lorna is a gorgeous jewel tone color that reminds me of red wine, LOL. I cannot wait to use this during the holidays. I am also psyched that Zoya didn't give us a holiday red, but instead spoiled us with jewel tones that can actually be used any time of the year. I used two coats of this polish.



This is another polish that just looks SO stunning with topcoat.


The last of the 4 Pixies is a rich green called Elphie. This is the most "traditional" color that Zoya included in the collection, but it's just so pretty, it's a welcome addition. This is two coats of Elphie.



Adding topcoat to this polish is a great idea!


Time for the Color-Flip polishes! I think Color-Flip is another way to say duochrome. What do you think?


Saint is a periwinkle blue with a magenta shift. The website describes it as a metallic, which means, to me, brush strokes. You see 'em? I see 'em. I love, love this color, but I hate, hate brush strokes. Sigh. This is two coats with topcoat.



Last but not least, Olivera is a forest green and gold shifting polish. It is a dark polish without being black, appropriate for fall without being boring. The shift is from a navy to green to gold and back again. I dislike brush strokes, so this is another metallic that falls a bit short for me.



In conclusion, this is another solid Holiday offering from Zoya! Be on the lookout for special holiday deals and promos - Zoya is always good for that. My top picks from this collection are Lorna and Alice.


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