Monday, November 21, 2016

Sephora PLAY! November 2016

Hello there! Happy Monday of a short Thanksgiving week. I am excited to show you my Sephora PLAY! box for November. It seems as if Sephora is doing a new thing, where they release a few different versions on the PLAY! box. If you look at the item number in your order que, then match it up to the spoilers being posted by the number, you'll see what you got ahead of time. I must admit, I did peek, but it only got me more excited for this box!

Group shot:


This is the actual bag itself. I say this every month - I wish it was still a box instead. This month's theme, as you can see, is Glow Getters.



Glam Glow is always a welcome inclusion! Does anyone not love their products? I am always looking for New England winter dry skin solutions, so I am really excited about this product.


I am sorry that the photo of Caudalie Vino Source Creme Sorbet is so washed out! It didn't look like that on my phone. I have tried this product before and love it! I actually forgot about it, to be honest, but what a welcome reminder!


Cover FX Illuminating Primer is exactly what it sounds like! Use alone before foundation or mix a touch of it with your foundation for a more subtle glow. I do like a matte finish but an illuminating primer is a good start underneath. Another awesome inclusion!


My favorite female celeb, Sarah Jessica Parker, recently did an interview where she mentioned some of her daily makeup faves. One of the items was the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour! I admit it - I was mostly excited for this because of her. I received the color Rose Gold, which is a fall favorite shadow color, so this was another winner for me.


Pin-Up Pink by Sephora is a Gel Gloss with a light pink tint. I have way too many glosses as it is, so I may swap this. I love that Sephora adds something good from it's own brand each month.


Here are swatches of the gloss and the shadow stick. I love the rose gold sheen of the stick. The gloss did have a nice gel feel to it and was pretty opaque.


The 6th item was Lipstick On by Replica. I consider myself a fan of a wide range of fragrances, but that blush/makeup/plastic/artificial scent is one I just cannot do. This baby will be getting swapped, too.

All in all, I am SO happy with this month's Sephora PLAY! box. As I have mentioned before, it is now the only sub box that I receive, so I am quite satisfied so far that I have hung on to it.

Did you get a PLAY! box this month? What did you love most?


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