Friday, November 11, 2016

China Glaze: Seas and Greetings - Winter 2016!

The holidays are approaching which means even more polish collections are rolling out! Today I have the full 12-piece Seas and Greetings collection from China Glaze to show you. I love MOST of the polishes...but I don't think they are really traditional holiday colors. Is that bad? Is that good? Let me show you and you can decide!

My lightbox is too small to fit all 12, so I grouped them into 2 based on color families:



Ready for some solo pics?? Since there are 12, I am going to post just the full-hand shot unless the color calls for a close-up.

First, this is Eat, Pink, and Be Merry. Not a winter color, not an original color, but still pretty. This is a sheerer pastel formula, so I used 3 coats here. I included a macro because there is a fine shimmer throughout - hard to see, but still there.



Sand In My Mistletoes is a creamy, perfect almond neutral. I love this color and I have it on my nails right now. This is three coats:


Warm Wishes is a happy coral color that leans more summer than winter to me. However! This polish has the most perfect formula and the color is so cheerful. This is two coats. Warm Wishes is currently on my toes, too.


Tis The Sea-Sun is an even more neon color, leaning much more red/orange than Warm Wishes. This is another non-traditional winter color that packs a burst of holiday cheer. Shown here with two coats.


The More The Berrier is the most traditional colored polish in the bunch. And I hate it, LOL. It has a pinkish red shimmer throughout and is opaque in two coats. I feel like China Glaze makes a version of this each year.



Next up, this is Snow Way. This is a gorgeous winter shade, an icy blue with a pinkish, reddish shimmer. This is such a unique polish! This is three coats.



Good Tide-ings is a gorgeous lilac creme. I adore this color!! For spring. LOL. Seriously though, the formula is 2 coats of perfection, but I cannot see wearing this at the Thanksgiving table!


Joy To The Waves is next. You know that streaky, messy, mica-made polish that all indies produce when they first start? This is it and it sucks. Next.



Seas and Greetings is the purple version of Joy, but the purple makes it less streaky and less horrible. This is three coats.



Partridge In A Palm Tree is a fail, fail, fail. I must say, I LOVE the color. The formula is a disaster, streaky, thick, clumpy, and dries SO fast that you don't even have time to fix a single nail. See my ring finger? I tried to go back over a still semi-tacky spot and I got this weird line/crack/ew thing. And it dries MATTE, which would be cool if it wasn't such a bad formula.



Top coated on my (cracked) ring finger and au nautrel on the middle finger:


The last two are meant to be worn over something else, I think.

First, here is Let's Shell-ebrate, shown over Eat, Pink, and Be Merry. LS has a clear base with mostly purple mini glitters and a faint shimmer throughout. It is really pretty! It does have a slightly tinted pinky base, so I used coordinating colors for the undies.



Let's Shell-ebrate, shown over Good Tide-Ings:


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish is a muted green shimmer polish. This is shown over Snow Way in two coats.



TTWLS shown over Partridge in a Palm Tree in two coats:


And here are the two, shown over bare nails so you can see the effect:



What do you think of this collection? My top picks are Snow Way, Warm Wishes, and Sand in My Mistletoe. Are you going to grab any of these?


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