Tuesday, November 22, 2016

16 Items I Just Threw Out: Urge To Purge

2017 will be the year that I condense my beauty stash, find the perfect skin routine, and just throw out products that I've been hanging on to for too long.


Probably not, LOL.

But I did recently get the urge to purge and I literally threw out 16 items that just.had.to.go.  I thought it might be interesting (and perhaps helpful to you) to see which ones and why.  It'll be brief, I promise!


Face products:

  • Wet n Wild Coverall Medium/Deep: My skin is "medium/deep" maybe in August only. This foundation is correctly named - it does Cover All, but in a yucky, greasy way.
  • Fergie BB Cream in Medium/Deep: see above.
  • BB Cream from Sallys: Sometimes the beauty supply stores don't have the best products. This is a thick and yucky BB cream.
  • L'Oreal Super Stay 24Hr Concealer, e.l.f. Concealer, Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: I have yet to find an under-eye concealer that doesn't make my under eye issues look more pronounced. These have got to go.


Eye & Eyebrow Products:

  • Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara: I received this free samples from a form on a website. To be blunt, no wonder they are giving it away! This is a dry formula that flaked from the application. The brush is oversized and bushy, which is not helpful for separating lashes.
  • e.l.f. Clear Mascara and Eyebrow Gel: This is an awesome product, super helpful, and at a $1 price point, I can replace it when the wands get yucky. I will re-purchase this!
  • NYX Eyeliner in Green Shimmer: I believe I last wore this for a St. Patrick's Day party in 2012. Buh bye.
  • Rimmel Pencil in Gold: See above, circa Christmas 2013. Got.to.go.
  • Salon Perfect Eyebrow Brush: It is hard to see, but this brush, which is meant for your brows, has a SQUARE tip. How is that helpful? I have a difficult enough time trying to make myself not have Frida Kahlo brows - I have no room in my brush arsenal for a tool that isn't going to assist me properly.
  • Chella Clear Eyebrow Gel: Lately I am favoring gel brow products applied with an angled brush. I also have too many eyebrow gels anyway, so this one got the boot.
  • Salon Perfect Light Brown Brow Pomade: I was sent this color, along with a Medium and Dark shade, to try for review. Unfortunately, none of the three colors worked well for me. I have a couple of eyebrow products that are similar and I love (ABH, I mean you), and therefore, this one is getting sacrificed.




  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics Finishing Powder: I truly believe that NYC is the most underrated cheapy brand out there. I do like this powder, but I prefer the yellow or green formulas more. I have had this tub forfreakinever and the cap is broken. It's messy and I can't take it anymore!!
  • Benefit High Beam: Clearly I have had this little sample since 1992. Look how dried it is!  Apparently, with all of the other options for awesome highlighters, I just haven't picked this up. It may now rest with dignity.
  • Prestige Blush: I found this pretty pastel blush with inset highlighter for a whopping $2 at Job Lot. Unfortunately, the formula is stiff and it is near impossible to pick up any product. I am tossing this bad boy (see the scratches? It's not like I haven't tried to work with this!) and asking for a more pigmented and easy to operate pastel pink blush for Christmas.

There you have it! I sorted through my makeup and really thought about the items. I decided to throw away products that were old, that didn't perform well, and that just don't work for me. I feel really great about my descisions and I plan to do another purge after winter's thaw is over (wishful thinking for spring before the first snow!).


Monday, November 21, 2016

Sephora PLAY! November 2016

Hello there! Happy Monday of a short Thanksgiving week. I am excited to show you my Sephora PLAY! box for November. It seems as if Sephora is doing a new thing, where they release a few different versions on the PLAY! box. If you look at the item number in your order que, then match it up to the spoilers being posted by the number, you'll see what you got ahead of time. I must admit, I did peek, but it only got me more excited for this box!

Group shot:


This is the actual bag itself. I say this every month - I wish it was still a box instead. This month's theme, as you can see, is Glow Getters.



Glam Glow is always a welcome inclusion! Does anyone not love their products? I am always looking for New England winter dry skin solutions, so I am really excited about this product.


I am sorry that the photo of Caudalie Vino Source Creme Sorbet is so washed out! It didn't look like that on my phone. I have tried this product before and love it! I actually forgot about it, to be honest, but what a welcome reminder!


Cover FX Illuminating Primer is exactly what it sounds like! Use alone before foundation or mix a touch of it with your foundation for a more subtle glow. I do like a matte finish but an illuminating primer is a good start underneath. Another awesome inclusion!


My favorite female celeb, Sarah Jessica Parker, recently did an interview where she mentioned some of her daily makeup faves. One of the items was the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour! I admit it - I was mostly excited for this because of her. I received the color Rose Gold, which is a fall favorite shadow color, so this was another winner for me.


Pin-Up Pink by Sephora is a Gel Gloss with a light pink tint. I have way too many glosses as it is, so I may swap this. I love that Sephora adds something good from it's own brand each month.


Here are swatches of the gloss and the shadow stick. I love the rose gold sheen of the stick. The gloss did have a nice gel feel to it and was pretty opaque.


The 6th item was Lipstick On by Replica. I consider myself a fan of a wide range of fragrances, but that blush/makeup/plastic/artificial scent is one I just cannot do. This baby will be getting swapped, too.

All in all, I am SO happy with this month's Sephora PLAY! box. As I have mentioned before, it is now the only sub box that I receive, so I am quite satisfied so far that I have hung on to it.

Did you get a PLAY! box this month? What did you love most?


Friday, November 11, 2016

China Glaze: Seas and Greetings - Winter 2016!

The holidays are approaching which means even more polish collections are rolling out! Today I have the full 12-piece Seas and Greetings collection from China Glaze to show you. I love MOST of the polishes...but I don't think they are really traditional holiday colors. Is that bad? Is that good? Let me show you and you can decide!

My lightbox is too small to fit all 12, so I grouped them into 2 based on color families:



Ready for some solo pics?? Since there are 12, I am going to post just the full-hand shot unless the color calls for a close-up.

First, this is Eat, Pink, and Be Merry. Not a winter color, not an original color, but still pretty. This is a sheerer pastel formula, so I used 3 coats here. I included a macro because there is a fine shimmer throughout - hard to see, but still there.



Sand In My Mistletoes is a creamy, perfect almond neutral. I love this color and I have it on my nails right now. This is three coats:


Warm Wishes is a happy coral color that leans more summer than winter to me. However! This polish has the most perfect formula and the color is so cheerful. This is two coats. Warm Wishes is currently on my toes, too.


Tis The Sea-Sun is an even more neon color, leaning much more red/orange than Warm Wishes. This is another non-traditional winter color that packs a burst of holiday cheer. Shown here with two coats.


The More The Berrier is the most traditional colored polish in the bunch. And I hate it, LOL. It has a pinkish red shimmer throughout and is opaque in two coats. I feel like China Glaze makes a version of this each year.



Next up, this is Snow Way. This is a gorgeous winter shade, an icy blue with a pinkish, reddish shimmer. This is such a unique polish! This is three coats.



Good Tide-ings is a gorgeous lilac creme. I adore this color!! For spring. LOL. Seriously though, the formula is 2 coats of perfection, but I cannot see wearing this at the Thanksgiving table!


Joy To The Waves is next. You know that streaky, messy, mica-made polish that all indies produce when they first start? This is it and it sucks. Next.



Seas and Greetings is the purple version of Joy, but the purple makes it less streaky and less horrible. This is three coats.



Partridge In A Palm Tree is a fail, fail, fail. I must say, I LOVE the color. The formula is a disaster, streaky, thick, clumpy, and dries SO fast that you don't even have time to fix a single nail. See my ring finger? I tried to go back over a still semi-tacky spot and I got this weird line/crack/ew thing. And it dries MATTE, which would be cool if it wasn't such a bad formula.



Top coated on my (cracked) ring finger and au nautrel on the middle finger:


The last two are meant to be worn over something else, I think.

First, here is Let's Shell-ebrate, shown over Eat, Pink, and Be Merry. LS has a clear base with mostly purple mini glitters and a faint shimmer throughout. It is really pretty! It does have a slightly tinted pinky base, so I used coordinating colors for the undies.



Let's Shell-ebrate, shown over Good Tide-Ings:


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish is a muted green shimmer polish. This is shown over Snow Way in two coats.



TTWLS shown over Partridge in a Palm Tree in two coats:


And here are the two, shown over bare nails so you can see the effect:



What do you think of this collection? My top picks are Snow Way, Warm Wishes, and Sand in My Mistletoe. Are you going to grab any of these?


Friday, November 4, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Collection: Holiday 2016

Happy Friday!  Today I have Zoya's latest collection, Enchanted, to show you. This is a 6 piece collection consisting of 4 Pixie Dust polishes and 2 "Color-Flip" polishes. I actually love all 6! Let's get right to them.

First, here are the Pixie Dust polishes, Zoya's matte-sparkle textured formula.


I am going to show you in the same order as this photo. Waverly is a gorgeous royal blue, I am SO sorry about this photo! For some reason, the pic cut off and I have NO other full hand poses of this polish. My apologies!


I used two coats for the swatches you see here, Pixies are meant to be used topcoat free for the textured effect. They dry quickly so act fast! This color is regal and stunning.


I love shiny polish. I couldn't help myself. I took a topcoated macro to show you for each of the 4 Pixies.


Alice is a periwinkle Pixie that has a lilac sparkle to it. I love this one! This is two coats and no topcoat. Such a great color.



I love this even more with topcoat!


Lorna is a gorgeous jewel tone color that reminds me of red wine, LOL. I cannot wait to use this during the holidays. I am also psyched that Zoya didn't give us a holiday red, but instead spoiled us with jewel tones that can actually be used any time of the year. I used two coats of this polish.



This is another polish that just looks SO stunning with topcoat.


The last of the 4 Pixies is a rich green called Elphie. This is the most "traditional" color that Zoya included in the collection, but it's just so pretty, it's a welcome addition. This is two coats of Elphie.



Adding topcoat to this polish is a great idea!


Time for the Color-Flip polishes! I think Color-Flip is another way to say duochrome. What do you think?


Saint is a periwinkle blue with a magenta shift. The website describes it as a metallic, which means, to me, brush strokes. You see 'em? I see 'em. I love, love this color, but I hate, hate brush strokes. Sigh. This is two coats with topcoat.



Last but not least, Olivera is a forest green and gold shifting polish. It is a dark polish without being black, appropriate for fall without being boring. The shift is from a navy to green to gold and back again. I dislike brush strokes, so this is another metallic that falls a bit short for me.



In conclusion, this is another solid Holiday offering from Zoya! Be on the lookout for special holiday deals and promos - Zoya is always good for that. My top picks from this collection are Lorna and Alice.


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