Friday, September 2, 2016

Zoya Fall 2016: Urban Grunge - Metallic Holos

FRIDAAAAAAAY! Today I have the second half of the Fall 2016 Zoya Urban Grunge collection, featuring 6 metallic holos.

Group shot:


Britta is a magenta metallic holo, opaque in two coats. Lovely polish, great formula. I see more metallic than holo in this one.



Troy is a steel grey metallic polish. This one immediately made me think of Cassedy, so I will be making a dupe post with those two, which you'll see on Monday. STAY TUNED!



Ash is a cherry red metallic, opaque in two coats. This one has a lovely holo that can be seem in the bottle but doesn't translate as well onto nails. There is more holo than Britta, though, and I like this color better. Zoya reds are usually quite lovely.



Merida is an awesome green holo. I wish the entire collection was more holo - can you image Ash as a red, firey holo? Ugh, a girl can dream. Anyway, Merida is gorrrgeous! Two coats, perfection.



Finley is a kin to Merida, and it is holo and just perfect. Formula, perfect. Color, perfect. Can't say enough about this one, and purple isn't usually my jam. (Get it? Jam...jelly...grape...purple...let me stop). This made me think of Aurora and Payton from previous years, so I will compare those in the post coming up Monday, too.



Alicia is, in my opinion, the only real metallic and holo. The bright silver gives it a metallic feel, and the holo is off the way sparkly. THIS is a metallic holo polish. SOO pretty. It is more sheer tho, so I bet one coat can be used as a topper. I used 3 coats for opaque coverage here.



And there you have it! I think Merida is my favorite. I also think Alicia is a MUST HAVE for all polish fans as it is quite versatile and stunning.

Which polishes do you plan to pick up?


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