Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainbow Honey: Heartless & SinfulColors: Beaches & Cream - A Tale of Glitter Topper Reunion...

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was obsessed with glitter toppers. You couldn't scroll through MBHM without spotting oddly shaped glitter suspended in a clear base over a contrasting colored creme polish. They were everywhere! time went on and my love for polish expanded, the poor glitter toppers were left in the dusty back section of my melmers. 

I met, and fell in love, with creme polishes and their precise application, quick dry time, and classic finish. I loved holos, with their secret outdoor sparkle and appropriate office wear cloudiness inside. I even had a brief fling with textured polish, ruining every fine sweater that I owned.

And yet, we are:


Back at the beginning! LOL. I cracked myself up writing that, I hope you enjoyed it, too. Moving on! Today's post is, in fact, about a glitter topper! And I did start with a contrasting creme polish, Beaches and Cream by Sinful Colors.



This isn't the best formula from the line, not by far. It is slightly streaky and applies fairly unevenly. Womp, womp. Time to cover it up with some indie goodness!


This is two dipped and dabbed coats of Heartless. This is such a fun polish!

In this clear base, holo based glitter polish, I see:

  • red hearts
  • white hearts
  • white triangles
  • black squares
  • black hex
  • mini black and white glitter
  • and more! 

Do you see anything I missed?


Clearly, because of the bomb amount of glitter, and the different sizes, some fishing is required. Just put the bottle upside down between coats, though, and that should help quite a bit.



Last look!


And there you have it! Rainbow Honey has reignited my glitter topper love. Looking forward to seeing what else has been stashed in the melmers.

What do you think about glitter toppers? Over them? Love them? Special occasions only?


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