Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mask of the Week: TonyMoly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch


This week I have another TonyMoly product to show you, called the My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch. I found this at Ulta (birthday haul, yay!) and it was under $5. As I get older, fine lines and wrinkles are definitely a concern, so I was psyched to see this!


Back of the package:


The package was kind of heavy for a small mask!

When I opened it, I realized the pieces were enclosed in a little plastic case. I appreciate the desire to keep them moist and together, but that is a lot of waste.


I guess the "My Little Pet" part comes from the fact that the mask pieces are shaped like dog jowls? LOL.


Goofy face time!


LOL, yup, still looks like jowls stuck to my face. NOT CUTE!

Anyway, the mask had a cool gel-like consistency, similar to the Farmacy Coconut Gel mask that I showed you a few months ago. Unfortunately, unlike the Farmacy brand, this did not adhere to my skin at all and the second I moved, the mask did, too. I also must have applied it incorrectly, or I have the world's oddest face shape, because this didn't work well for me at all.

In conclusion, I am not sure this is the best mask for me. My skin did feel softer after I removed it (it's a 30+ min mask, by the way) but I didn't notice that one stupid line on my lip changing at all. I did buy a second mask tho, so I will try it soon to see if I see any changes.  If I had to definitively declare if I would re-purchase after just one use, the answer would be no, but we shall see.

Have you tried this mask? Are there other brands of line targeted masks you've tried?


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