Monday, September 5, 2016

Dupe Post: Zoya Urban Grunge Fall 2016 vs. Other Zoya Polishes


I hope you're enjoying the holiday, if you have today off. If you're working, this post is especially for you since eye candy is always enjoyable on a Monday!  Today I have a dupe post, where we look at similar polishes and decide if they are too similar - or not!

I have been swatching for Zoya for a few years now, and I must say, my Zoya collection is quite impressive. Swatching new polishes makes me think of older polishes that look similar, so they beg the comparison - dupe or no dupe!?


First up, we have Alicia (new for Fall 2016) v. Cassedy v. Troy (new for Fall 2016):



I try to swatch in the same order as the bottles, a)because I am OCD, and b)I think it helps to see the colors better. Yay? Nay? Am I just losing it? Ok, then.


I know, I know, Alicia doesn't even really belong in the comparison here. Def not a dupe of anything else. Cassedy and Troy, however, have identical formulas and looks. Comparing the two, Troy is a much more silver, deep color, while Cassedy almost pulls olive green.

Dupes? No.

Need both? Probably not, unless you really love the color.

Next up, we have Aurora v. Finley (new for Fall 2016) v. Payton:


Well, again, clearly not dupes. And Payton doesn't even really belong, I know. BUT STILL. What if one of my readers was wondering? This, dear reader, is for YOU!


To see Aurora and Finley in more detail, I am adding one more pic.

Dupe? Nope.

Need both? Yaaaaaaaas, unless you hate purple and pink and sparkly and holo (and you're a heathen).


Last but not least, the most epic comparison so far! Here is Blaze v. Teigen v. Ash (new for Fall 2016) v. Britta (new for Fall 2016):


Here we go! Again, Blaze, which is on my pinky, doesn't go. My bad. My hand is also reversed from the bottle swatch (cuz I had a MOMENT, apparently), so Britta is on my pointer and Blaze is on my pinky, but I am sure you already knew that.


Just to compare the closer ones, here is a closer shot. Britta and Ash are similar in formula and look. Tiegen actually has more holo than the other two.

Dupes? Nope, not at all.

Need all of them? Probably not, unless red polish is your go-to. My personal picks are Blaze and Ash, out of the four.


I hope this has helped a few of you to decide if you need some of these new releases or not. Please tell me your favorites in the comments!


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