Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dupe Post: Lex Cosmetics: Tulleries vs. SinfulColors: Flower Power


Today I have a not-so-dupe dupe post for you. LOL, I am already being confusing but let me explain. Normally, my dupe posts are pretty straightforward - compare two pretty similar polishes in the bottles and then on the nails. Dupes? Yay, nay, move on.

This post is slightly different because these polishes, colorwise, are NOT dupes at all, and it's pretty easy to see. They are similar in formula, colors, and concepts. Check out the bottles to see what I mean:


See? We have quite a few similarities here:
Crelly formula
Pinks/light pinks
Tinted base
Uniform glitters

Worth comparing, right? You might not neeeeeeed both!

Let's take a look at each alone first. This is an indie polish, Tulleries, by Lex Cosmetics. I owned this polish years ago, swapped it away, and then realized it was no longer available. When I saw it up for sale a few months ago, I grabbed it again.


This is three thin coats and topcoat. Sheeeeeeer base. Very, very sheer. I would use undies normally but I didn't want to take away the effect for this post. The formula, although thin, layers fine and dries quickly. No fishing required for uniformly sized glitters.


Next up, here is Flower Power by Sinful Colors. This was one of three different colored versions that came out in 2015. I believe there was one with a purple base and I forget the third.


This is another very sheer base, as I expected from looking at the bottle. It has a formula quite similar to Tulleries, with no fishing required and decent dry time.


Even though they aren't dupes, I did swatch them together for you to see them side by side.



In short, these are not dupes. Clearly. But you knew that.

Of the two, I am actually more partial to Flower Power, if we are just comparing these as is. The base is a slightly darker pink, which makes coverage easier. I like the pink only mix of glitters, where Tulleries has a couple orange shades thrown in.

Which do you like better?


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  1. I am pretty anti-orange, but I like the Lex one despite that. And I like them together, actually.


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