Friday, September 23, 2016

Barielle Nail Brightener!

Originally, I wasn't planning to post the Barielle Nail Brightener on my blog because it really isn't a polish. It is, however, amaaaaaazing and I am (almost) ready to ditch polish forever if my nails look this good!

Want to see?


The Barielle Nail Brightener came to me from Barielle, probably a year or so ago. Barielle, by the way, has a ton of hand and nail treatments and care products to choose from!

My nails were a hot mess the other day, but I wanted them to look nice and polished (hello, isn't that why we are here?). I found this Nail Brightener and decided to see what it would do!  I did three thin coats, added topcoat, and walked out the door. This polish dries very quickly, too!

At first, when I took a few inside photos, I thought it was nothing special. Nails looked polished, didn't look stained, fine.



Fine, right? Nothing to write home (or blog) about here.

However, when I went outside and saw my nails in the sun, I was blown away!


SO pretty! My nails look super clean, whitened, stain free, just soo pretty! Almost a pearl-like sheen to them!




Last look! Am I the only one freaking out over this? I think they look amazing! I didn't use a good topcoat, so they did chip pretty quickly, but I will use a good one next time since this is such a nice mani.


If you haven't already, you should like Barielle on FB or sign up for their newsletter. They have awesome deals and penny promotions that are totally worth checking out.


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