Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August Favorites: Likes AND Dislikes!


I am supppper late, I am so sorry! The entire month of August seemed to go by so quickly that I am not surprised I am late with this post, either, haha.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites of August!

First up, manicures!!


Clockwise, they are:

  • O My Jewels Pretty In Pink
  • Cover Girl City Lights
  • Literary Lacquers Soul Within Me Burning
  • Flormar Jade Matte
  • Zoya Noah with decals

Now, onto beauty products!


First up, this is Rhonda Allison Cucumber Spritz Hydrating Mist. I purchased this in early August when I went to a local spa, the Spa At Essex, in Connecticut, for a post-birthday facial (thanks, Donna!) gift from my Aunt. My este used this product during the facial and I had to have it. THIS is the time when we need scratch and sniff computer screens. It doesn't smell cucumbery, but just so summery, refreshing, and wonderful. I will never be without it! I spritz myself after I leave the gym. The best part is that it was $14, so totally worth it and justifiable.


I received this sample of Good Genes by Sunday Riley in a Sephora PLAY! box and I am now saving my pennies until I can afford a full size. This product does everything it says and more.


There had to be a LUSH item, right?!


Roots is a scalp treatment that is supposed to stimulate fine hair to grow stronger. I don't need that, but what I do need, and love, is the minty freshness and scalp stimulating properties. Smells amazing, works great.


Last but not least, my latest obsession: COLOURPOP!


I ordered from ColourPop a year or so ago, and then, shame on me, totally forgot about them. I am not even sure what re-sparked my interest, but oh boy, has it been reignited!

My only qualm with CP is that it is online only, so some of the choices I make do not end up working for me. You'll see an example of this for my dislike of the month.

Anyway, two colors that I love are the Ultra Matte formulas in Clueless and Highball (neon pink). Highball was recently discontinued, but Clueless is still available. They both dry down to gorgeous matte finishes. and are dry but not drying, if that makes any sense!

My favorite wear to wear these beauties is together!! In the photo below, the bottom is Highball, middle is Clueless, and top is mixed together. If you're going to mix mattes, work quick because they dry quite fast!


Sigh. Now, my least favorite part of this post: my dislikes.

As I mentioned, the one problem that I experience with ColourPop is that the colors often look slightly different online than in real life. I ordered this beautiful color, Donut, and while it is gorgeous in the tube, it does not look good on my skintone. At all.

Even the swatch doesn't look good with my skintone!


I am going to keep playing around with Donut and perhaps it will work mixed with another color.

Have you tried any of my favorites this month? Comment below if you love them..or dislike them!


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