Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zoya Fall 2016: Urban Grunge - One Coat Cremes

Happy Hump Day! Are you ready for the upcoming 3-day weekend? I know I am!

As we get ready for fall temps, Zoya is right there with us releasing their new fall line. The Urban Grunge collection consists of 6 creme polishes, supposedly 1 coaters, and 6 metallic holos.  Today we will check out the cremes, Friday we will see the metallic holos, and on Monday I will show you some similar Zoya colors to see if there are any dupes.

Ready? Leggo! Group shot:


Mallory is a stunnnning blue that is truly a one coat creme. Such a lovely polish and great formula. No complaints, no issues!



Courtney is a brick red. This is not a creme polish and it is not a 1 coat polish, either. It's a 2 coat crelly. Meh.



Wyatt, on the other hand, is just like Mallory: 1 coat, flawless. Very cool evergreen shade!



August is an awesome one coat grey creme. Honestly, if Zoya can do a pastel color with creme and ease, why they couldn't do a 1 coat brick red, I don't understand. I, personally, love a cool toned grey polish. This beauty is on my toes as we speak ( I type..).



Noah is an almondy neutral polish, also perfect in just one coat. You know I love neutrals, right? Honestly, it pains me to say this, I don't like this neutral with my skintone. Womp, womp.



Tara is the last of the six for me to show you. This is a lovely mulberry type purple, also one coat, and just pretty. Berry shades rock for the fall and this one does not disappoint. It has a cool reddish tone to it that would be flattering on pretty much any skin tone.



That's it! My favorites are August and Mallory. I would skip Courtney unless you really love the color, otherwise, if you do get it, don't expect it to perform like the others.

What do you think? Will you be snagging any of these shades?


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